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Thanksgiving Celebration In Turkey

Is Thanksgiving celebrated in Turkey? Every year, there are people newly introduced to the concept of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Because of the rich history of the holiday, it can be pretty confusing to children and newcomers to American culture. Here are some answers to some common questions and some fun …

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Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Crafts Often times, the Thanksgiving spirit kicks off long before the actual day itself. The weeks of November leading up to the holiday can often feel bloated with anticipation. Children, especially, after the sugar rush of Halloween, can seem overly eager for the incoming feast. Maybe they love learning …

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Turkeys and Thanksgiving

How Many Turkeys are sold on Thanksgiving? The turkey is the traditional highlight of any Thanksgiving meal. Chances are that, when you settle down for the holiday, this big beautiful bird will be the highlight of the dinner. The same goes for countless other American families on this holiday. However, …

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Thanksgiving Parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Set a party in motion and it becomes a parade, and there’s no bigger celebration than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Often cited as the largest parade in the world, every year, over 3.5 million of people line the streets of New York City to watch …

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Thanksgiving History

The Real History of Thanksgiving Today Thanksgiving is one of America’s biggest holidays.  For most Americans visions of parades, family, food, and football take the mind’s center stage.  However, this has not always been the case.  While there are various instances of a Thanksgiving-like feast and celebration since the early …

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