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Visit Bali

Visit Bali: Explore the City of Ubud Indonesia is a beautiful country that is filled with many different volcanic islands. Each island has amazing culture that is waiting to be explored by each and every visitor. Although there are many spots that are available to visit, Bali is the most …

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Traveling Belgium

Traveling Belgium: Explore the City of Bruges When you head into the Northern Region of Europe, one country that may spark your interest is Belgium. Belgium is filled with culture that is unlike any other country that exists in the world. The people, the food, and the characteristics that make …

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Visiting France

Visiting France: Exploring the French Riviera When people think of France, they think of two things: food and culture. In fact, the first city that everyone tends to go to and envisions when they think of France is Paris. Paris is filled with amazing food, landmarks, and embodies the culture …

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Visiting Washington

Visiting Washington: The City of Seattle Most people know the city of Seattle as a busy place that is filled with shopping, food, culture, and of course, rain. Although Seattle has all of those things, there is a bigger charm and character that comes with this region of Washington. Seattle …

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Visiting Oregon

Visiting Oregon: Explore Crater Lake National Park If you are out looking for a region in the United States that is filled with abundant amounts of green trees and moist air, Oregon may be where you should head to. Oregon is a beautiful region that is known for being wet, …

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