Free Dogecoin

Free Dogecoin

You can earn dogecoin for free,  but you have to find it. Free Dogecoin sounds like a mythical quest through an unknown land called the blockchain. There is a lot of hesitation surrounding the free Dogecoin. Why? Because if crypto investors trust unknown people and unknown sites with sensitive information like their cryptowallet keys,  they could wake up one day with no cryptocurrency to their name. It’s hard to avoid these scams with so little, verifiable information on the internet. We will go in-depth on how and where to find free Dogecoin, but do it at your own risk!  

  1.     Tap the Faucets 

Developers behind cryptocurrency created something called a faucet to hook crypto investors on their currency. Faucets distribute small amounts of cryptocurrency in exchange for completing tasks. In order to receive the crypto, you have to give your cryptowallet keys to the site (this is where scammers comes in). When you complete the task, a small amount of crypto is allocated to your wallet. The tasks that earn you free crypto can include watching a video or completing a quiz. The purpose of this free crypto is to get new investors excited about the project and hopefully invest in the crypto on their own once they have a little piece for free. 


To find a crypto faucet, you can hit up r/cryptocurrency and search the subreddit for “crypto faucets.” Be wary of users posting scam faucets or self-created faucets designed to take your wallet keys. Many Redditors recommend Tap Crypto. Tap Crypto is a comprehensive list of current faucets and the coins a particular faucets is dispensing. Tap Crypto includes pictures of “payment proof” for each faucet. The payment proof feature is fantastic and provides a sense of confidence that the crypto faucet you’re about to give your crypto wallet keys to isn’t a scam. Tap Crypto also has a “more info” tab filled with  information about the particular faucet you’re interested in. It also walks you through the steps to get with that specific faucet. Tap Crypto currently lists Doge as dispensable from 14 faucets. Faucets are an excellent resource to start with if you’re looking for free Doge.


It is important to note that the time put into completing the tasks to earn free crypto may cost more to you than putting $5.00 or $10.00 into Doge on an exchange. Doge is 0.38 cents a coin and trending down right now. Make sure you do a cost analysis to determine how much your time is worth before you spend hours completing tasks only to earn .0001 of Doge coins. Yes, you read that right. Faucets usually don’t dispense a whole coin; you receive portions of a coin for completing tasks. It could take weeks before you’ve completed enough tasks to receive an entire Dogecoin. 


  1.     Get to Mining 

A second way to earn free Dogecoin is through mining. Remember, mining means your confirming transaction on the blockchain. Miners receive rewards for confirming transactions on the blockchain  in the form of free cryptocurrency.  To mine for Dogecoin, you need a serious set-up, including  a costly computer. Even then, mining for Dogecoin is not guaranteed. To get started, you’ll need to download a Dogecoin mining software. Our friends over at Bitdegree have a great article on everything you need to start dogecoin mining. The gist of it is, you can download a free Dogecoin mining software or use a cloud mining system. There are upsides and downsides to each, but Dogecoin is an excellent coin to start with if you’re interested in getting into mining. It doesn’t take as long to mine as Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH), and you earn more Doge than you would Bitcoin or ETH. Mining is a great way to feel a part of the Dogecoin community because you are helping the world of digital currency run! You are doing the work that big banks do through verifying transactions on the network. You can feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Try out Doge mining and maybe you’ll  get some free Dogecoin. The sentiment is the same as expressed in the faucets section, Dogecoin is very inexpensive right now; it is best to do a cost analysis regarding how much time you’re willing to spend and how much that time is worth. 


  1.     Go to the Moon on Reddit 

A round-about way to earn free Dogecoin is on Reddit through Moon farming. Moon farming will take a little work and time, but you may learn quite a bit—the sub-reddit  r/cryptocurrency awards contributors of popular or high-performing posts with Moons. The idea behind Moons is to reward contributors for their “free work” in bringing content to the sub-reddit. Moons are rewarded for upvotes and comments received on Reddit posts in r/cryptocurrency. Essentially, Moons are a digital form of currency, like crypto. They are awarded every 29 days, and at the end of the 29 days, you can claim your moons in your reddit moon vault. The moons are redeemable for cash. Each moon is worth less than ten cents, but if you have a viral post or regularly contribute to the r/cryptocurrency sub-reddit, your moons will grow in no time. Once you convert those moons to cash, you can purchase Dogecoin on your favorite exchange.   As a pro tip: Make meaningful contributions to the sub-reddit; it is a huge source of free information that other Redditors have poured their blood, sweat, and tears in for new crypto users. 


  1.     Check the Exchanges 

Sometimes exchanges will reward new members with incentives and sign-up bonuses for creating an account and depositing money into your account. For example, Binance ran a promotion for free Dogecoin. The exchange required new users to complete tasks to receive $3 in Dogecoin. Coinbase occasionally does something similar if you refer friends to their site. 


There are at least four ways you could get free Dogecoin in the next few weeks. However, it is more lucrative to buy your crypto, especially now with the latest crypto crash than spend weeks mining it or checking faucets. If you want to check these options out, be careful and wary of whom you give your crypto wallet keys out to. As always, research is vital! 

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Free Dogecoin
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