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There are hundreds of self-help books that promise to unlock all the crucial tips to a happy, successful life, and while these publications do provide some helpful information the bottom line is that the lifestyle you lead and how well you take care of your body are first and foremost to an overall positive sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, what many fail to truly grasp during their relatively short time on earth is that you are only gifted with one body. Yes, there has been a wealth of improvements in the medical field that is helping contribute to longer lifespans. Regardless, the old notion that if you don’t take care of your body it won’t take care of yourself remains fundamental to enjoying a long, healthy life.

The statistics do not lie: those that follow a healthy lifestyle are much more likely to have more energy (regardless of age), maintain an appropriate weight as well as have a stronger immune system which in turn wards off many preventable diseases.

So what does a healthy health & lifestyle resemble?

Every individual has their own specific formula for what makes their body tick but there are overlapping trends with every healthy individual including a well-balanced diet, plenty of exercise, adequate amount of rest and plenty of water consumption.

Healthy Eating

How frequently do you stumble across someone that readily admits – “I wish I ate better”. We hear about it all the time, from the moment you were a child and your mother enforced the importance of fruits and vegetables until the present day yet so feel of us follow one of the most vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a reason the fast food business is a multi-billion dollar industry and junk food continues to be the number one solution for a snack when you are hungry – it tastes good. The same cannot be said, however, to what it does to your body.

If you really want to enjoy all the significant benefits of healthy living than you may need to take a serious look in the mirror in regards to your diet. You already know that foods high in salt and sugar are bad for you. Furthermore, all that caffeine you consume in the mornings from coffee is doing you no good. You already know this, but the question is you willing to make some sacrifices to improve your health?

An entire article could be dedicated to healthy living but in general you should consume three balanced and regular meals per day that are rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Of course there are adjustments to be made if you are dieting with weight loss in-mind, but these are the general principals.

Water, Water, and more Water

Sadly a lot of sugary drinks have replaced consuming water when you feel thirsty whether it is soda or the even more dangerous energy drinks. Of course this method for quenching thirst is harmful because it A) doesn’t actually hydrate and B) adds an influx of sugar and caffeine to your daily intake.

There is absolutely no replacement for water, and while the “8 by 8” formula for consuming eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day is no longer adhered to as closely as in the past – it is still a decent norm to stick with. Unlike just about anything else you can eat or drink, water basically has no boundaries so drink lots of water and drink it often.


Outside the typical healthy living suggestions of drinking plenty of fluids and eating fruits and vegetables – exercise is the next most frequently cited. The great thing about exercise is unlike making sacrifices such as cutting down on fast food meals and junk food, there is some immediate gratification and sense of empowerment after you exercise and, more importantly, stick with it!

Furthermore there are hundreds of different activities that are great for exercise. For example, you may not enjoy jogging or running just for the sake of it yet you can burn just as many calories playing pick-up basketball or swimming laps in a pool.

So make no more excuses because there is an enjoyable activity for everyone out there. And yes, it will be difficult at first especially if you have not been the most active individual over the last few months or years but do your best to give it a few weeks. Once you start to get into better shape exercise will not feel like such a labor and much more rewarding. Trust us; there is nothing more rewarding than attacking something physically demanding and conquering it!

Stress Free Living

Stress is the number one killer in the world. It holds no prejudice and attacks relentlessly. Unfortunately, it is also nearly unavoidable. What is avoidable, however, is how you deal with onsets of stress regardless if it is caused at work or in relationships.

Exercise, once again, is a terrific form of stress release. It is actually scientifically proven to release stress in a healthy, positive manner. Yet many still continue to lean on old-fashion and counter-productive ways like drinking alcohol or taking drugs to deal with stress.

Your Body Needs Rest

Do you ever feel like you have never been busier on a day-to-day basis? Ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day? Do you feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone as studies suggest people are busier than they have ever been. Tragically a busy lifestyle is counterproductive to a healthy lifestyle because your body is not getting enough rest.

There is the old saying that eight hours of sleep a night keeps a body rested and well. However more recent studies suggest that it depends more on the person as some can get by with six hours of sleep while others need more like nine. You know your body the best and you know when it is tired and sleep deprived. It is important because a lack of sleep causes hormonal changes in the body that can also increase things such as appetite and cravings which is counterproductive on multiple fronts including diet.

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