What’s Your Blood Type Personality?

What’s Your Blood Type Personality?

You Want to Know What?!

If you visit Japan and meet someone new, chances are one of the first things they will ask you is, ‘What’s your blood type?’
In America, blood type is more often than not, considered a personal piece of information similar to, ‘How much do you weigh?’. It’s just not something you start a conversation with in the United States, but blood type personality is highly regarded in Japan.

Blood type, in Japan (as well as South Korea), is more like small talk; something you ask when you’re getting to know someone. In America, we might say, ‘What’s your sign?’. Japanese people believe your personality is determined by your blood type.

Where Did This Theory Come From?

In the 1970s in Japan, a journalist named Masahiko Nomi began studying the relationship between a person’s blood type and their personality traits. He wrote more than 10 books on the subject that quickly became very popular in Japanese culture.

Masahiko died in 1981, but his son, Toshitaka Nomi, picked up the torch. He also wrote several popular books on the subject and even opened a research facility dedicated to the study of the relationship between blood types and personality. The facility is called the Institute of Blood Type Humanities.

How Does it Work?

Since blood types were only discovered in 1901, this is a fairly modern theory. It is not concerned with the + or – of a person’s blood type, only the major letter grouping.

Group A

People who have type A blood are said to be very organized, particular, and precise. They pay close attention to detail and are often perfectionists. Type A’s like things to be done a certain way. Often, they are quiet and shy and prefer to listen to conversations rather than add their own voice. They are sensitive and take things personally.

Group B

Group B people are commonly easy going, relaxed, and bubbly. They are usually honest and can only concentrate on things that are of great interest to them. They have a tendency to ramble on when speaking about topics they are passionate about, even if their audience could care less about the subject. Group B personalities often do not pick up on social cues.

Group O

Anything goes with the O Groupers. They tend to get along with everyone and are the life of the party. Good mediators and problem solvers, type O’s also disliking tedious and detailed tasks. They are the grandiose thinkers, the big picture visionaries and are often self-confident. Surprisingly, the research shows most Prime Ministers of Japan were type O.

Group AB

This is the rarest blood type. People with this blood type are frequently thought to have a dual personality. They have some characteristics of the Type A group such as being precise and particular. However, their B group side sometimes shows in their free-spiritedness. They are usually creative people and very curious. The research going into this theory concluded that many people considered to be a genius in our history and current culture are thought to be in the AB blood type group.

What Does This All Mean?

In Japan, one’s blood type is often blamed for any ‘bura-hura’ or ‘blood type harassment’. People of Japanese culture take blood type information pretty seriously. Children have been known to be bullied at school because of their blood type and people have been passed over for jobs due to their blood type status.

Blood types permeate every part of Japanese daily life. You can find blood type daily horoscopes, buy products geared toward your blood type, find a mate on dating sites who have compatible blood types, and you may even be asked your blood type during a job interview.

This fascinating theory has been both proven and disproven through many years of research on both sides of the argument. Although the theory has not caught on in other countries yet, we may soon be asked our blood type when we meet someone new!

What’s Your Blood Type Personality?



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