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Fun Holidays

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National Holidays: National Dog Day

There are many holidays throughout the world that are celebrated here in the United States. From Mothers Day to Christmas, every holiday brings about an exciting time for families, friends, and for our country. There are parades, gathering, and celebrations of all kinds. Although we choose to celebrate these well – known holidays in excess, we must not forget the other holidays that are desiring our attention. One of those special days is National Dog Day. In the past, not many would have thought that this holiday would become a regular occurrence, but as time goes by, dogs are becoming more and more important in today’s society. They are our canines that love us and this world dearly.

National Dog Day falls on August 26 of this year in 2018 and falls on August 26th of every year. This holiday tradition started back in the year of 2004 by Pet and Family Lifestyle expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige. She created this day of recognition to bring awareness to canines and to encourage adoption. Now, this holiday is an annual occurrence that celebrates dogs of all sizes and all breeds, mixed and pure. This day recognizes the heroes that dogs truly are. They put their lives on the line every day in law enforcement and also in our daily lives.

There are dogs all over the world that need saving and adopting. This holiday is to encourage awareness of all animals that are on the streets and it is to encourage what canines truly are. In the past, canines have just been animals that we have as pets, but as our society advances, animals are rising to the occassion to play an important role in this world’s universal change.

This holiday is also working to bring awareness to the difference breeds of canines. Most want to purchase a pure bred dog from a pet store. Yet, this national day has worked to raise awareness of pure bred dogs that exist in shelters, on the streets, and in other places where abuse and puppy mills are not the main attraction. People are encouraged to donate 5$ to their local shelter on this annual holiday and if anyone feels called, to even adopt a dog. Most shelters throughout the United States are ecstatic and energetically celebrating on this holiday. Plus, any adopted dog on August 26th will go home with a National Dog Day Birthday.

If you have not been celebrating this holiday, you might as well join in on the fun now. All dogs are waiting for your awareness, attention, and love!


Fun Holidays

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