Halloween Games for Kids

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Halloween Games for Kids

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rings and you grab the bowl of candy. You open the door, hear “Trick of Treat!”, observe the costumes that range from Spider-man to Batman and dish out the candy. What may have once been the traditional celebration of Halloween still exists, yet if you are looking to treat your children to an alternative form of celebration (or in addition to), Halloween games for kids are aplenty.

Spooky Box

What it inside that spooky looking box? It is a simple yet ageless form of entertainment for the little ones. The norm is to fill the box with household items that are covered in slime (and obviously you don’t mind ruining), then sit back and watch as the children attempt to guess what’s inside the box. It’s affordable, original and exciting!

Pumpkin Patch Hunt

It’s just like the classic egg hunt during Easter only you replace it with mini pumpkins for Halloween. Every child loves a classic hide-and-seek game so if you are wrestling with original ideas for Halloween games for kids — the pumpkin patch hunt one is a stable.

Monster Freeze

In the same vein as musical chairs and other games for kids designed to burn out the extra energy only things like eating candy can provide — Monster Freeze is yet another classic Halloween game for the kids. The objective is simple: play music (ideally Halloween themed) until it pauses. The last monster to freeze is eliminated until only one remains.

Wrap the Mummy

It’s like senior year all over again only you aren’t tee-peeing your neighbor’s house with toilet paper but doing it to a child! Toilet paper is reasonably affordable which makes it the ideal item to select one child then sit back and watch as the rest of the children wrap the one into a mummy. Of course being a “mummy” is timely with Halloween so you’ll have as much fun as the children will.

Ghost Story

Ghost Story is just like the traditional game of ‘telephone’ only you make it seasonal to be a spooky story for Halloween. As with telephone, it is comical to watch as the story gets alternated between versions of it being passed on from one child to the other. In the end, your objective is to determine how close the original story was to the current one.

Candy Corn Relay Race

Gather up a few spoons and fill the first race contestant in each line with candy corn. The goal is straightforward: each member of the relay receives the candy corn in his or her own spoon before dashing to the next member in the relay. The final member of the relay to reach the finish line (and with the most candy corn still remaining in their spoon) wins!

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