Halloween Trophies

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Halloween Trophies

Halloween trophies are awarded in various categories at many Halloween costume contests. These contests are held at Halloween parties to entertain guests and acknowledge the effort put into creating various costumes. Guests are chosen as winners for their extreme costume creations and the contest serves as an incentive for guests to dress in a costume.

Inexpensive trophies can be bought at various Halloween suppliers and awarded to the winners. There are many online stores which trophies are often sourced from. Plastic Halloween trophies are easy to find and sell for around $10 each. These come in many varieties including: witches; pumpkins; skulls; ghosts and skeletons. Most party hosts have a small budget for their party favors and prefer to limit how much they spend on trophies.

Some enthusiastic Halloween Party Hosts even make the trophies themselves using readily available materials such as craft supplies. DIY stores generally stock the necessities required to create a simple Halloween trophy.

These interesting trophy creations can quite intricate or extremely basic, depending on the host’s time constraints and artistic ability. Templates and ideas for a home-made creation can be found online. Halloween pumpkins often form the basis of a round, orange trophy. Other trophies are made from mini skeletons which can be found at dollar stores. Mini skeletons are usually spray painted to match the overall theme of the holiday party. These skeletons are then dressed in appropriate Halloween costumes and glued onto a trophy base.

Cheap plastic dolls can be cut and decorated into simple but effective zombies, vampires or demons. Hosts capable of using a glue gun create these zombie/vampire/demon trophies with a little bit of acrylic paint and a lot of imagination.

Medals and Award Certificates are sometimes presented along with the Halloween trophy. These award categories are often improvised during the party since hosts have no idea what sort of costumes people will arrive in. It is usually a good idea for hosts to have some categories in mind for the evening to start the awards ceremony smoothly. The following categories are general ideas of what kinds of awards are given:

  1. Most Colorful Costume
  2. Best Superhero
  3. Most Realistic Makeup
  4. Funniest Costume
  5. Most Original Costume
  6. Scariest Costume
  7. Creepiest Costume
  8. Best Dressed Couple
  9. Worst Costume
  10. Ugliest Costume
  11. Prettiest Costume
  12. Sexiest Costume
  13. Best Group Costumes
  14. Goriest Costume
  15. Least Recognizable Costume

The costume contest is scheduled depending on the age of the participants. Adult parties are usually judged towards the end of the party in order to allow people time to socialize while kids parties are judged early because it is likely that kids costumes may be damaged during the party.

Once the contest is over and the prizes have been awarded, the guests can gather together for group photos or take photos with the winners. A Halloween photo session is generally successful because even shy guests don’t mind taking photos while in costume.

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