Appreciate a Dragon Day

Appreciate a Dragon Day

When is Appreciate a Dragon Day?

This day happens every year on January the 16th. And it is a good thing too, as dragons need a day in order to be appreciated and reviled for what they do. Instead of simply being seen as treasure hoarders, or virgin kidnappers. Appreciate a Dragon Day was created by school teacher and book writer Donita K. Paul. She created it for her book release Dragon Spell back in 2004. This day was meant to celebrate literacy and books, which is great for young kids who are just learning how to read. Dragon books also make for a great bedtime story.

How do you celebrate Appreciate a Dragon Day?

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to curl up with your kid, and read them a book about dragons. It can be any book, but try to make it a book in which dragons are seen in a good light. Dragons get a bad rap, so take this day to celebrate them for the mystical beings that they are. Since this day was created to celebrate dragons in writing, that makes it a good day to increase your reading skills. Which you have probably been lacking in for the past few years (admit it, you probably don’t read books often)

Fun Fact:

Stories of dragons have been around for millennia. Every single continent seems to have come up with the idea of the dragon by themselves, and nobody to this date knows the specific origins of the idea.

Appreciate a Dragon Day



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