Bean Day

Bean Day

When is Bean Day Celebrated?

Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you… hey, beans aren’t a fruit…

Bean Day is a day that nobody really knows why it exists. There are many origin stories for this holiday, but even then, this holiday doesn’t really have any legitimate purpose. Despite that, it is always celebrated on January the 6th.

The origins?

One of the possible origins of bean day comes from a woman known as Paula Bowen. She thought that January did not have enough holidays despite it being so cold and lonely, so she came up with the day to celebrate Mr. Bean, as well as her father, who farmed Pinto beans. Aside from that, Bean Day just seems to be one made for the sake of being made.

How does one celebrate it?

Since Bean Day doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason, is there really a way to celebrate it? Well, yes. You can celebrate anything if you have the right materials. But since this day is all about beans, it is probably best to celebrate it using that in mind.

You can make some bean sprouts, for instance. Or eat some more beans for dinner, which you should probably be doing anyway. Maybe consider making a three bean salad, or adding refried beans to a delicious nacho bowl?

Another way you can celebrate it is by writing an article all about the history and benefits of beans. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Fun Fact:

Beans are high in B-vitamins and protein, making them an excellent plant-based alternative to meat, eggs, and dairy. Beans also contain a fair amount of Calcium.


Bean Day



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