International Skeptics Day

International Skeptics Day

When is International Skeptics Day?

International Skeptics Day is one of those holidays that has a lot of conflicting information. While it takes place on January the 13th, some have also stated that it happens on October the 13th, or even the first Friday the 13th of the year. Why? Beats me.

While it is often considered to be an “international” holiday, nobody outside of the United States really celebrates it. So I guess the name itself should cause you to be skeptical. Does this day really exist at all? How would we prove that the concept of “day” exists at all?

How do you celebrate International Skeptics Day?

We are all skeptics at heart, and that is OK. Without skepticism, we would most likely all just do as we are told. If someone told you to go play on the train tracks, wouldn’t it make sense to be at least a little skeptical?

So on this day, you should celebrate by asking a lot of questions. Stop taking things at face value, and look at what the science and data has to say. This way, we are less likely to be duped when someone tries to take advantage of us. Look for the clues, and make your decision on a topic based off of the evidence, as well as the facts. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and get to your detective work!

Fun Fact:

Skepticism is as old as humanity itself. In fact, Aristotle was well known for being incredibly logical.

International Skeptics Day



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