Male Watcher’s Day

Male Watcher’s Day

When is Male Watcher’s Day celebrated?

Now, male watcher’s day is definitely a holiday that I can get behind! It is celebrated on January 8th, and predicates itself on staring at hunky dudes. While you can find many e-card sites that sell things that celebrate this special day, it does not really have an origin story of its own. Although I am sure we can all imagine that the person who made it was having a good time.

How to celebrate it

In case you were wondering, you celebrate this day exactly how you think that you would celebrate this day. Watching men! However, there are some ethical things that you should consider when celebrating. For instance, try not to catcall, or do anything that would make people uncomfortable. Do unto others, and all that jazz.

However, checking out guys, and even going up to them and asking them out are all appropriate things to do. Some guys just have the perfect features, which can make them almost irresistible. But do try to ask if they are married or in a relationship before you try to get into bed. We can be a lot of things, ladies, but a homewrecker should not be one of them.

If you are married or in a relationship yourself, maybe watch your own man? although it is possible to look at the artwork, but not touch it.

Fun fact:

Combined, men spend over a year of their lives staring at women. Which, quite frankly, does not sound long enough.

Male Watcher’s Day



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