National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day

When is National Bagel Day?

Bagels are a staple in many morning breakfasts. And with a day to celebrate donuts, it should be good to see that there is a day to celebrate its more healthy cousin. The date for National Bagel Day is January the 15th. While it used to be February the 9th, Thomas Bagels, a popular bagel company, fought to change the date in order for it not to share the same day as National Pizza Day.

It is unsure who created this day, or why. However, Thomas Bagels and other companies are more than happy to celebrate it and encourage others to do the same. While it is called a “national” day, this day was not approved via an act of Congress, so it is not an “official” national day.

How do you celebrate National Bagel Day?

This is one of the best days to celebrate, as you can celebrate it in a million different ways. And they all involve eating bagels!

While many people are boring, and simply eat bagels with jam, butter, or cream cheese, I highly recommend working harder and being more creative. One of my favorite recipes is making a breakfast sandwich out of  a bagel. Lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and everything. This makes for a huge and filling breakfast, and now you have an excuse for all of those calories. Simply say that you are celebrating National Bagel Day!

Fun Fact:

Before the invention of modern technology, bagel making was so tedious and time-consuming that it took 4 people in an assembly line to make them.

National Bagel Day



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