National Hat Day

National Hat Day

When is National Hat Day?

Who wouldn’t want a holiday to be an excuse to wear a hat? They are a good way to hide bad hair, and can even make you look stylish with very little effort. National Hat Day happened every single year on January the 15th. There does not seem to be any information surrounding why and when this day was made, but we can make the assumption that they enjoyed hats.

There is also no evidence that this day is an official “national” day. In order to be a National day, you need an act of Congress.

How do you celebrate National Hat Day?

The best way to celebrate this day is simply to wear a hat. Find one that suits you well, and goes alright with the outfit that you are wearing. Not all hats are for everyone, and some hats just look better than others. So maybe have this day to try on a few new hats? You never know, you might just find the perfect hat to suit your outfit and personality. In fact, you might even grow to love hats altogether.

So go to the store, and see if you can find a nice visor, or a sun hat, or even a baseball cap. The sky is the limit!

Fun Fact:

In the early days of England, Queen Elizabeth had a law that required young boys about the age of 7 to wear a hat when going to church and during holidays. Needless to say, most of the kids probably didn’t like that dress code.

National Hat Day



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