National Nothing Day

National Nothing Day

When is National Nothing Day?

Some holidays are playful and fun, some are for tradition, and some are there for no reason. This is one of those holidays. National Nothing Day, which is celebrated every year on January the 16th, is a day to celebrate nothing.

Despite this being considered a “national” holiday, there does not seem to be any act of Congress behind it. This means that it is not an “official” national holiday.

How do you celebrate National Nothing Day?

The best way to celebrate this day is by doing nothing. In fact, that can be a very healthy thing to do, especially if you are feeling stressed. Take this day as a day to relax, and do nothing. Clear your mind, and think of nothing, and do not worry about all of the stressful things that are going on around you.

Either that or you could not celebrate it at all! The sole purpose of this day is nothing, so by not celebrating it, you are, in theory, celebrating it. In fact, you can even contemplate what the meaning of “nothing” even is. If “Nothing” has a meaning, does that mean it is actually something? Mind blowing! Now that you have a headache from thinking about this too much, you can now relax a little more like I suggested earlier.

Fun fact:

Did you know that the idea of “nothing” doesn’t really exist? Since no vacuums are perfect, and everything has particles or waves in it, the human concept of “nothing” is actually non-existant in physics.

National Nothing Day



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