National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day

When is National Pharmacist Day?

While not an “official” national day, National Pharmacist Day a day to ensure that Pharmacists are celebrated for all of the work that they do. This day Happens every single year on January the 12th, and seems to have been created by a pharmacist group. However, we do not know which particular group made this day.

There are many pharmacist groups out there, and it is very interesting to look them all up. So check them out when you have the time.

How do you celebrate National Pharmacist Day?

Pharmacists have a lot of work that they need to do, such as filling prescriptions and handling a lot of angry clientele. So next time that you are getting your prescriptions filled, make sure that you are nice to the pharmacists. That way, you can celebrate them for all of their hard work. Without pharmacists, many of us would not be able to fill our prescriptions, and would not be able to find treatment for what ails us. They also make sure that there are no interactions between drugs, which can cause us harm in the long term.

So maybe write your pharmacist a card. Let them know that you appreciate them. But try not to make anything too awkward.

Fun fact:

Pharmacists have been around for centuries, and were previously referred to as “Medicine Women.” These women would have complex knowledge of plants and chemicals and could heal a lot of ailments, even in the absence of modern medicines.

National Pharmacist Day



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