National Rubber Duckie Day

National Rubber Duckie Day

When is National Rubber Duckie Day?

This is another day which is called a “national” day, but since there has not been an act of Congress, it is not a “true” national day. However, that does not mean that National Rubber Duckie Day, which happened every year on January the 13th, is any less important in the eyes of the masses. Including those of Sesame Street.

The song Rubber Duckie, which became a surprise mainstream hit when it was released back in 1970, captured the hearts of kids all around the nation. This date seems to have started a few years after this song was released, after January 13th was seen as Rubber Duckie’s birthday. So this is a great way to celebrate a classic, as well as have a little bit of fun yourself.

How do you celebrate National Rubber Duckie Day?

This day is fairly easy to celebrate and can be really relaxing as well. In a time where mindfulness and taking care of yourself is vital, this day can really push you towards relaxing some more. For instance, draw a nice hot bath, and maybe add some bubbles or just a bath bomb to it. This can help to get you to relax some more.

Then, take a rubber duckie or 100 of them, and lay down in the bathtub with them. Squeaking the duck is a great way to ensure that stress is able to be released more easily. So try it today, and help to make all of your stress go down the drain.

Fun Fact:

The Rubber Duckie song because such as smash hit after it aired on Sesame Street that it hit number 16 on the Billboard Top 100. That is an awesome accomplishment for a children’s song!

National Rubber Duckie Day



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