National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day

What if you spent one whole day only talking in trivia-riddled language? Wouldn’t that be a hoot! For you maybe, not necessarily for those who are around you. Quick, what’s the capital of Brazil?


National Trivia Day is celebrated January 4, which is a perfect day to attend a pub trivia quiz night near you. Various bars and restaurants will host weekly trivia nights. There you can attend with friends and family, and team up with or against each other to answer trivia. The trivia questions range from old album titles to geography questions to ancient history. At the end of the night a prize is usually awarded to the team with the most points.

Hurry, in what year was Thomas Edison born?

1847, I gotcha on that one!

If drinking a few cold ones in a bar while doing trivia doesn’t excite you, then perhaps purchasing a copy of the classic game Trivial Pursuit is more up your alley. This game can be played with a multitude of players or just with you and your partner. It involves traveling around the board and answering trivia questions correctly. The best part of the game is that it’s played at home (hint, hint, all you homebodies out there)!

Warm up some leftover spaghetti from National Spaghetti Day, break open a bottle of the good stuff, and play trivia with your friends! Okay, I promise I’m done quizzing you after this last one —

What day is National Trivia Day?

January 4!


National Trivia Day



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