Old Rock Day

Old Rock Day

How Old Rock Day is celebrated

Old Rock Day is one of those wacky holidays that nobody really understands. There does not seem to be any reason for it to exist, and its origins are a mystery to everyone. This is also a holiday that does not seem to make too much sense, as all rocks are technically old, so… do you just celebrate every rock?

Without a proper definition and idea of even what to do on this holiday, which is celebrated on January 7th, it seems like the celebration of this holiday is up to you. Many people center their ideas of old rocks around things such as coal, gemstones, and fossils. However, my personal favorite idea would be to celebrate Amber. Amber is solid tree resin, but has a beautiful color and often has millions of years old plants or insects inside.

So maybe you can take this day to research a little bit on Geology, or the study of rocks. There are many different rocks and mineral to know about, and each one has its own unique properties. So pick up a book, and read up on the many different rocks, minerals, geodes, and properties of the world around you. It’s not as if there is much else going on this day.

Fun Fact

Did you know that diamonds are actually the most common gemstone in nature? They are just expensive due to marketing tactics that make it seem like they are far rarer than they really are.

Old Rock Day



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