Play God Day

Play God Day

When is Play God Day celebrated?

If you live in the US, one term that you might have heard come up once or twice was the idea of someone “playing God.” This is often brought up more in the lines of political discussions more than anything else. This day is celebrated on the 8th of January and is often a cause of much mystery surrounding its origins, or even the real reason behind it. But it does seem like play god day is a holiday that has some great connotations, despite how it may sound to people.

What is Play God Day?

When people hear about this day, often, they assume that people are going to act as if they are above others. However, this is the complete opposite of how most people would celebrate this holiday. Instead, people try to think about how they would change the world if they were a god for the day, and act in a way the conforms to those beliefs.

This would mean doing things that would help people out, like donating to charities or giving to people in need that you see on the streets. There is no wrong way to follow celebrate this day, but do try to celebrate it in a way that increases the happiness of others. Because when we do more good things for others, everyone benefits from it.

Fun Fact:

Religion is tens of thousands of years old, and have changed drastically during that time. Modern religions look nothing like their predecessors did in the past.

Play God Day



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