Caffeine Content Of OTC Drugs and Supplements

Caffeine Content Of OTC Drugs and Supplements


This page lists caffeine content by the amount of caffeine in pills and capsules,
so that you can easily see which product has
the most caffeine and which ones have the least.

OTC Drugs and Supplements

One Pill/Capsule milligrams
No-Doz, Maximum Strength 200
Vivarin 200
Dexatrim 200
One a Day Energy 120
One a Day Weight Smart Advantage 120
One a Day Women’s Active Metabolism 120
No-Doz 100
Excedrin 65
Excedrin Migrainet 65
Alka Seltzer Wake Up Call 65 (6oz)
Midol Menstruel Complete 60
Diurex Water Pills 50
Anacin 32
Healthy Choice Lowfat Cappuccino Mocha Fudge Ice Cream 20
Edy’s Fat Free Coffee Fudge Sundae Frozen Yogurt 10-15
Edy’s No Sugar Added Light Mocha Fudge Ice Cream 10-15
Alta Dena Lite Mocha Mocha Ice Cream 10
Healthy Choice Lowfat Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream 10
Mattus’ Lowfat Coffee Ice Cream 10