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Boss’s Day

Many Americans observe Boss’s Day on October 16th. If this falls on the weekend, the day will be moved to the closest work day. It is a day set aside for employees to honor and appreciate their bosses.

Similar to Administrative Professionals Day, Boss’s Day is one of the few holidays centered on the workplace, and it is celebrated much the same way. Workers may buy gifts, cards, flowers, or a meal out for their boss. It is often used as a day to improve the relationship between boss and employee or in a broader sense, the upper management with the lower management.

The History Of National Boss Day

In 1958, Patricia Bays Horoski campaigned for a Boss’s Day in Deerfield, Illinois, by registering it at the US Chamber of Commerce. She chose the date of October 15th in honor of her father’s birthday. Her goals for the holiday were boss appreciation and relationship improvement. The Governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, approved her registration in 1962, declaring it a state holiday for Illinois. Though it is only a state holiday in Illinois, workplaces all over the United States commemorate their boss on National Boss’s Day.

Boss Day Gifts

If you are considering giving your Boss a gift, you may have no idea what to get him or her. The reality is, get your boss what you feel he or she deserves, and of course keep it within your budget. The fact that you were thoughtful enough to remember your boss is compelling. If you are considering showing some recognition for your boss and his or her hard work here are just a few ideas. The better relationship you have with your boss may determine what gift you are thinking of buying.

  • Thank You Card – They are simple but can also be powerful if you include a quotes of some sort to tell your boss how much of a positive impact he has made in your workplace.
  • Personalized Coffee Mug – Most great bosses are up early and most likely drink coffee in the morning to get them going. A Coffee mug with a personalized message or his/her name would be a great gift that would surely come in handy every day.
  • Neck Tie – If your boss really takes pride in his appearance get him a tie. It make sa great gift and can go a long way.
  • Gift Card – Get your boss a gift card to his or her favorite place to eat lunch at.
  • Engraved Plaque – Makes a great gift and if your boss ever leaves it will make a great memory and wall decor at his new place.

Boss Day Facts

  • One in five of those who work full time are considered the boss of someone.
  • A bad relationship with their boss is the main reason that workplace surveys cite as a cause of a negative job satisfaction.
  • Horoski, the holiday’s campaigner, worked for the State Farm Insurance Company.
  • Horoski chose her father’s birthday as the date of celebration because she believed he was a good boss.
  • An estimated 43% of Americans dislike the management style of their boss.
  • The average management job pays $96,150. The average for all levels of employment is $40,690
  • The percentage of Ivy League grads that are S&P 500s CEOs is 11%. This most often includes graduates of Harvard and Princeton. The University of Wisconsin also ranks high in number of CEOs produced.
  • When the holiday saw a recent surge in popularity, Hallmark increased production of Boss’s Day cards by 90%.
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