Easter Monday

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a continuation of the Easter festivities following Easter Sunday. While it is not as widely celebrated as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, many take part in egg rolling races. A famous race takes place at the White House lawn every Easter Monday.

Only a few states recognize Easter Monday as an official holiday, and only in certain areas, such as towns in North Dakota. Though it is not celebrated officially, some Polish communities consider the day significant, especially in areas with large Polish communities.

The holiday is more widely celebrated outside of the US, but mostly as a day of rest. However, other traditions include:

    • In countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, or Australia, participants may go outdoors to enjoy nature.
    • Some communities celebrate with parades, including areas of Ireland and Buffalo, New York.
    • In especially Roman Catholic countries, observers may dump water on friends and family, which may have been blessed prior to the Easter service.
  • Many countries consider the day a public holiday, giving students and worker the day off to rest. Not many states in the US consider the holiday publicly.

Dyngus Day celebration

Along with the egg race, there is one other significant ritual for Easter Monday in the United States. In Buffalo, New York, the largest Dyngus Day celebration takeDay is also celebrated in Poland and many Polish-American communities. This includes boys throwing water on girls and using pussy willows to spank them, which girls get to do the next day. It is also called “Water Plunge Monday.”

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