Labor Day Weekend In Las Vegas

Labor Day Weekend In Las Vegas

Be it ancient Rome, Greece, or the modern United States of America, great civilizations are built upon the backs of its working class. Over the course of just two centuries, American workers have managed to move mountains, built mighty dams, drain swamps, and tame a wild continent. These are just some of the numerous achievements of the working class, the unsung heroes of the most powerful nation in the world.

Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates those who earn their living by the sweat of their brows. It is an occasion when the working man’s overwhelming contribution is recognized. In addition, Labor Day is celebrated during the first Monday of September, so it could also be a great going away party for summer.
Labor Day was first proposed by Matthew Maguire back in 1882, however, the nation was slow to adopt this long overdue day of tribute for the common Joe. Many states progressively introduced Labor Day, and by the time it was first declared a federal holiday in 1894, thirty states had already implemented it.

An Oasis of Fun
Move over New York! On Labor Day weekend, Las Vegas will be the true “City that never sleeps!” Every hotel and flight will be filled up quickly, so it is best to reserve your place as early as possible. Under the summer’s vestigial heat, the weather will hit that comfortable Goldilocks area where it is not too hot, and not too cold. This allows for more outdoor activity and classic sightseeing tours. Many choose to walk on the strip, make reservations for a Lake Meade cruise, or even visit the renowned Hoover Dam.
Having tons of space is one of the main advantages of being in a desert. All-Terrain Vehicles can be rented in Las Vegas in order to enjoy some high-adrenaline rest and relaxation. For a bird’s eye view of the strip the High Roller is an obvious choice being the tallest observation wheel in the country, but for a view of the surrounding area, nothing compares to a hot air balloon ride.
September is the ideal time to explore the Las Vegas downtown area. This exploration will be greeted by countless restaurants and bars, offering a temporary sanctuary over Labor Day weekend. For quality entertainment and fine dining, any venue on Freemont East will suffice. A few minutes’ drive away is the massive Container Park.
Container Park is a charming shopping center that hosts open-air boutique stores, restaurants, and for some reason, a mantis that breathes fire. This is an attractive destination for affordable shopping. In addition, Labor Day shoppers and restaurant goers will be constantly serenaded with free live music.

Organized events
A few venues have already released their schedule for 2015’s Labor Day weekend. The variety of entertainment available over this extended weekend in Las Vegas is parallel to none. With such an array of entertainment choices many find it difficult to plan their schedules and difficult choices have to be made between popular acts. The Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay will feature DJ Mustard while the rest of the city will be littered with concerts by world famous artists such as Steve Aoki (September 3rd), Lil Jon (September 5th) and DJ Tiesto (September 5th).

During Labor Day weekend the weather will not matter, and the events will be plentiful. There are numerous activities both indoors and outdoors. Las Vegas attractions, bars, restaurants and clubs are available and an itinerary can be adapted for any budget.

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