National Defense Transportation Day

The United States celebrates National Defense Transportation Day on the third Friday of May. This holiday recognizes the workers of the transport industry as part of National Transportation Week.

Events will include educational programs on the transport system, essay and poster contests, and luncheons and dinners honoring those who work in the transportation industry. The day was established in 1957, which was expanded into the weeklong celebration in 1962. The Preside issues a proclamation each year asking citizens to honor the day with ceremonies commemorating the transportation system’s importance and also the maintenance of these systems.

The transportation industry includes both systems of transportation and infrastructure, including bridges, highways, railroads, water systems, and any other method of moving goods or people from one point to another. This takes an important function in travel, trade, the armed forces, and medical assistance. This system is critical to the infrastructure of society. Efficient and safe transportation leads to a more productive and protected civilization.

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