Parents’ Day – History, Facts and Tradition

Parent’s Day

Americans celebrate Parents’ Day the fourth Sunday of July annually in order to recognize parents and parental figures. It is also used to promote parenting and educate parents on raising children and all aspects of parenthood.

The holiday is similar to most Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations. The President will issue a proclamation each year asking them to observe the holiday. Festivities include outreach programs to parents, picnics, and support with childrearing. Many events are organized by the Parents’ Day Council, who awards “Parents of the Year.” Individually, children will send cars, give gifts, or call their parents. Some may plan special activities, such as a meal out or another recreational activity. Churches may hold special services under the theme of parenthood.


The bill that established Parents’ Day was introduced by Mississippi senator Trent Lott. President Bill Clinton established Parents’ Day in 1994 after signing a congressional resolution for recognition, uplift and support of parents. The holiday has garnered some support for its celebration of all types of parents, including same-sex parents.

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