Tax Day

Tex Day

Tax Day is the deadline for Americans to file income tax on April 15. This is not necessarily a holiday but a marking of the deadline. This deadline is sometimes extended if it falls on a holiday or delayed for certain states in the event of a widespread disruption, such as a storm or tornado

Taxes must be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service by this date, either via mail or the internet. Many citizens finish their taxes well before this deadline, as taxes can be complicated and certain issues may require the attention of a tax accountant. Certain citizens, such as pensioners, the disabled, or veterans do not have to file a return. “Tax Day” is not the official name of the day, but rather a casual term coined by citizens. Many celebrate finishing their taxes with a celebratory meal or drink.

Tax Day History

In 1861, the Revenue Act was passed by the US to collect federal income tax in order to finance the Civil War. Incomes of over $800 a year were taxed by 3%. The act was repealed after it was ruled unconstitutional. It was not until 1913 when the Sixteenth amendment was ratified that federal income tax was established again. It is through this act that modern taxes are still collected. The first filing day was March 1st, then moving to March 15th and in 1955, finally found a home on April 15th.

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