St. Patrick’s Day Deals 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is not Black Friday, so you wouldn’t really expect mega-deals on a day that celebrates  the ole Irish. Surprisingly though, you should keep an eye out, because some companies do capitalize on the holiday as a chance to promote their products on sale. I mean, mattress companies do President’s Day deals, and no one really even celebrates that holiday, so maybe it is justified. So, grab a pint and some corn beef and cabbage and hop on your laptop and snag a few deals in honor of your favorite Irishmen and women. These are not your traditional deals, however you will find these discounts are available as we approach St. Patrick’s day which is only a few days away.

Here are just a few of those deals:

Ancestry DNA Genetic Ethnicity Kit– on sale on Amazon for $59, originally $99

Ever wondered if you’re part Irish? Use this St. Patrick’s Day deal as a means of finding out where you’re from! Save $40 on the ethnicity kit from one of the best-known brands of DNA testing.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video– on sale on Amazon for $169, originally $199 

Ring doorbells are all the rage these days. This doorbell is special, because it allows you to speak, hear, and see people who are at your front door. It also allows you to check on your packages being delivered, which is a main reason many purchase it. Having recordings from your front door is a wonderful safety feature for a multitude of reasons. Save $30 on one of the best-known technology brands of the last couple years.

This Amazon Echo Dot was designed with kids in mind. They can ask Alexa to play shows, movies, music, stories, and call parent-approved family and friends. It even comes with a two-year warranty! Get it for $10 off this Patty’s Day as a gift for your kids.

In need of a new tablet? You can get a brand new, latest model Apple iPad with a whopping 128gb of space for $70 off! You can choose between gold, silver, and space gray. Apple products rarely ever go on sale, so this is a great opportunity.

Coffee obsessed? Now, I get this espresso maker is still super expensive, but it’s an investment piece and a great deal for $800 off. This isn’t a Nespresso, this is a full-on professional espresso maker containing a touch screen, steam wand, programmable milk temperature, and a triple heat system. Who needs Starbucks?!

These aren’t the only deals available for St. Patrick’s Day, but they are some of the best. Check Amazon and other websites to check the prices on things you need (or want) to see if they are being promoted for the holiday.

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