Quotes for Preschool

Preschool Quotes

Teaching preschool takes a very special, motivated, and hardworking person. Young children have an energy that is sometimes hard to manage and the stress of being in charge of their well-being may sometimes get to you. However, it is important that you remember that your purpose is being fulfilled.

Sometimes, we need a little pick-me-up, something to remind us why we chose to enter a career that is so tiring. There are days when the reward is hard to remember. We have compiled a list of preschool education quotes to keep you going when you feel the road is nearing an end in your career.

“We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” – Stacia Tauscher

It is easy, especially as a preschool teacher, to forget that we are molding very small people. The students we work with on a daily basis are not yet adults, but they are still someone. It is our job to help them become the very best someone that they can be. One simple way that we can do that is to give them the best version of their teacher that they could possibly have.

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” -Chinese Proverb

This Chinese proverb has a lot of attention on it for a very good reason. Yet, for our teachers, it seems to especially resonate. We could just give our students the answers. However, by making them experience the learning we are giving them a lifetime of so much more. You are making a difference for a lifetime in each and every student you teach.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” -Mr. Rogers

Sometimes preschool teachers need a gentle reminder that play is the single most important learning tool in your teaching toolbox. Take a note from Mr. Rogers and know that you are doing the right thing when you let your preschool students explore and learn.

“Every day, in 100 small ways, our children ask, ‘Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter?’ Their behavior often reflects our response.” – L.R. Knost
Preschool-age children are tiny people with really big emotions. For a preschool teacher, it can be incredibly easy to be overwhelmed by all of these emotions. However, it is also important to remember that you are molding these minds and helping them to understand how adults handle conflict.

“Children are not a distraction from important work. They are the most important work.” -C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis says it best. When you are feeling defeated in your line of work and wondering if you are doing the right thing, remember that you are doing the most important thing. The children that you work with every day are the future of the world. You, teacher, are quite literally changing the world.

Quotes for Preschool
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