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There is a lot of research that suggests worksheets are not the best practice for teaching a preschool-aged child. However, when combined with engaging lessons, hands on activities, and given to the child with a purpose workbook can be extremely beneficial.

In fact, preschool is meant to be a program that prepares children for Kindergarten and the world of real school. Like it or not, children are expected to be able to focus on classwork for short periods of time when they get to elementary school. Students will have to sit at desks, use a pencil, and focus on a worksheet for short periods of time.

So, if preschool is meant to prepare these preschool-aged children for their kindergarten experience, we should give them short experiences doing school work. The key is to find the right balance between classwork, hands-on learning, and imaginative play. The very best preschool teachers learn to master the art of managing their class time so that preschool students get enough of each part of their day.

If you are looking for preschool workbooks appropriate for preschool-aged children then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top preschool workbooks that focus on the skills preschool-aged children should practice during classwork time.

1.My First Learn to Write Workbook

This workbook is all about learning to write. Learning to write is an important skill to begin at this age. It actually takes children quite a bit of time to learn to handle a writing utensil with enough accuracy to write legibly. This workbook gives preschool-aged children the tools they need to learn to hone those fine motor skills that go along with learning to write.

This workbook covers the alphabet and numbers, which is great. However, it also has other fun activities that reinforce other ideas preschool-aged children are learning about. This workbook covers shapes, allows you to review colors, and even reinforces the idea of drawing an entire picture.

2.Preschool Math Workbook

This preschool math workbook offers plenty of opportunities to reinforce math concepts that are reviewed in hands-on learning. From recognizing shapes and numbers to completing patterns and sorting, this workbook covers everything your preschool-aged child needs to know in terms of foundational math.

3.Highlights Preschool Big Fun Workbook

The Highlights workbook is full of puzzles and skill focus worksheets that are much more engaging than the traditional worksheet. This colorful workbook actually makes preschoolers think outside the box. It allows them to develop their imagination right along with reinforcing math and literacy skills.

4. Scissor Skills Preschool Workbook

Learning to cut with scissors is a hard task, but it is important for developing the motor skills needed for kindergarten. This workbook gives preschool-aged kids the perfect tool to help them learn to control the scissors.

Final Thoughts

Preschool workbooks are great tools when they are used in the right manner. While we do not want preschool-aged children sitting at a desk for hours, these workbooks are great tools to get them ready for kindergarten.

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