Filet Mignon Day

August 13 is the day when people celebrate Filet Mignon Day. This French term translates to “cute fillet”, it has also been known as “filet de boeuf.” In America, filet mignon is also referred to as “medallions” on a menu. Filet mignon are prime cuts of beef obtained from a small portion of the tenderloin which is considered the best cut there is. This steak gets its name from the French so it is quite ironic that if you order a filet mignon in France, it would actually refer to pork rather than to a piece of beef.

Filet mignon is best when taken from young castrated steers and heifers (immature female cows). Steers which have been castrated have nothing to do other than eat and sleep which makes their meat more tender. These two kinds of animals are not subjected to too much stress so they do not develop tough muscles and sinews which toughen the meat.

The term, Filet Mignon, was often used by William Sidney Porter, or more popularly known as O. Henry, a famous writer, in his 1906 story “The Four Million.”

Filet Mignon is quite expensive, which is why most people take advantage of Filet Mignon Day as steaks of this caliber are offered at a special reduced price on this day for everyone to enjoy. The common techniques by which the filet mignon is cooked is either through grilling, roasting, broiling, or even by simple pan-frying. In all these methods, it is highly recommended that the same be executed with high heat. To appreciate its tenderness and understand why it’s quite expensive, it must be prepared with care. Cooking it too slow or over low heat will dry it out and loose its tenderness, making it rubbery and very difficult to eat. It may be cut one to two inches thick per serving portion and can be grilled as is. For those who prefer to have their steak “well done”, the filet mignon can be “butterflied” by slicing it in the middle for the heat to pass through during the cooking process.

Since filet mignon is not loaded with fat, they are often served wrapped in bacon in order to add to its flavor. This is a useful method to incorporate if you are unsure of your cooking ability because it prevents the steak from drying. When served, it is not unusual to see a sauce draped over it to give it a depth of flavor. This meat lends itself to a variety of sauces from simple butter, mushrooms or peppercorns to more innovative red wine and rosemary sauces. In addition to the sauce, toppings and the side dishes can add the touch of elegance to this piece of prime beef.

One of the finest restaurants in the United States of America, Morton’s Steakhouse, offers Steak Sandwiches at the exclusive bargain price of $1.00 to celebrate this national food holiday. Many steakhouses all over America join the fray and offer their own special deals to attract customers and help them experience the scrumptious thrill of enjoying a fillet mignon by themselves or with their loved ones.

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