National Chocolate Milkshake Day

National Chocolate Milkshake Day in the United States is celebrated on 12 September annually. National Chocolate Milkshake Day is an unofficial food holiday which is dedicated to this popular desert-inspired drink.

A chocolate milkshake is a staple in any diner in the United States. It is composed of milk, chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry garnish on top. The key to a great milkshake is allowing the chocolate ice cream to soften before making the milkshake. This process allows the chocolate milkshake to come together and not taste too icy or lack appropriate texture. Once the ice cream has softened, then all of the other ingredients are added to a blender. The mixture is blended together until the correct consistency is achieved. Chocolate syrup can be added for taste and more syrup can boost the chocolate flavor of the milkshake for those who enjoy chocolate.

There are many different ingredients that can be added into a milkshake. Items such as cinnamon, vanilla extract, and ancho chili powder can all help boost the flavor of the chocolate and give the milkshake a more exotic flavor. Whipped cream typically garnishes the top of the milkshake and is often topped with chocolate shavings or diced nuts. Traditionally, a single cherry would garnish the whole chocolate milkshake off because of the flavor combination between chocolate and cherries. Every diner has their own special recipe for creating this delight with variation in the quantity of the individual ingredients.

Interestingly, milkshakes originally started out as alcoholic beverages in the 1880’s. Their popularity quickly evolved so that they ditched the alcohol and began being sold in pharmacies and many diners. They have been adapted many times over the years. They included the use of malted milk powder that was popularized by many pharmacy chains because it was an easy to digest drink suitable for the elderly and small children.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s chocolate milkshakes saw an increase in popularity, particularly with the younger generation. Diners all across the country were selling a large variety of milkshakes with one of the most popular flavors being chocolate. Each diner had their own method of creating the chocolate milkshake and the options became more diverse. The increased diversity led to many interesting milkshake creations such as the chocolate “concrete” milkshake. This “concrete” milkshake was so thick that the server could hold the whole cup upside down and the mixture wouldn’t spill.

Over the years, chocolate milkshake has continued to adapt. Today milkshakes are being created using liquid nitrogen in some establishments while others continue to use more traditional methods to make and serve it.

The best way to appropriately celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day in the United States is by enjoying a delicious chocolate milkshake. Chocolate milkshakes are a staple in many small diners and can be found in numerous restaurant establishments. Chocolate milkshakes are also incredibly easy to make and would make a great cooking project for the whole family.

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