National Youth Day

National Youth Day In Albania

IntroductionInternational Youth day is a day dedicated to the youth of the world. It is observed every year on 12 August and is recognized by The United Nations. Designed by the United Nations in 1999, the basic purpose and idea of International Youth Day is to give the Youth of a country the opportunity to put forward their issues for their respective governments to look at. Concerts, cultural events and workshops take place all around the world on this day with meetings between the governments of different states being held to discuss issues faced by the youth.


Poisoning of students in Kosovo in 1990. Students of schools and the youth of Kosovo were poisoned by a toxic gas. The Albanian youth in Kosovo were also targeted by the Serbians. The United Nation’s toxicology experts later discovered the gas to be Sarin (A nerve gas). The Albanian Kosovars were plagued with many horrible diseases. Most of youth fainted while some of them dealt with vomit and inflamed eyes. The disease continued to affect people for the year and began spreading to strike the remaining population of the state. Many Albanian nuclear experts back then tried and failed to give final conclusions on the containment of the disease. Some reports mention that it was a vaccine day in the school when the youth in the school were poisoned by the Serbs.

Youth protests

On 8 December 1990 the students and the lecturers of different universities in Tirana became the initiators of peaceful protests that brought about the rise of democracy and the fall of communism. The slogan of 8 December 1990, the only words in the minds of the protestors was, “We want Albania like Europe.” The demands of the protestors were that they wanted to see Western values and rule of law implemented in Albania.

Dita Kombëtare e Rinisëis

“Dita Kombëtare e Rinisëis” the Albanian name of their National Youth Day .On December 8, the people of Albania celebrate the National Youth Day. This year it marks the 25 anniversary (this year) of the establishment of multiculturalism in Albania. This day was called a National Holiday by the Albanian government in remembrance of all the students who marched in December 1990 in Tirana, and those who died in Kosovo that same year. The activities organized to commemorate the day include: meetings with the General assembly of the youth; a concert in the student city; and a protest by the students of Tirana High School for fun activities and sports related activities which were promised by the mayor but not yet fulfilled.


A world without war mongers and their evil ambitious can be a world we all have been aiming for. To protect the rights of the people and of the youth. The youth and the students of a country can be the key to prosperity. Celebrating a day for the youth of a country ensures that their rights and basic needs are always considered.

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