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Popular Holidays: National Hugging Day

The act of a hug brings immense amounts of joy, happiness, and comfort. In fact, as children we love hugs because they are simple acts of kindness that bring love into our lives. Yet, sometimes, we forget to give each other hugs on a daily basis, unless it is truly needed. Luckily, there is now a holiday designated for hugging that brings back to life the simple and kind act of a hug that displays what love truly is.

National Hugging Day was created in the year of 1986 by a man named Kevin Zaborney in Michigan. Kevin Zaborney is a reverend in the city of Caro, Michigan. This holiday now occurs annually on the 21st of January. Although this holiday is important in the United States, it is also recognized and celebrated in other countries. The main concept behind this holiday is to recognize, shower, and love every person in our lives with the act of a hug. This day is for reminding people to hug their friends and families more often. Kevin Zaborney chose January 21st as national hug day because it was close to Christmas and New Year’s Day.

When this day comes, people are encouraged to embrace hugging and hug every person that they love from their families to their friends. Throughout your day, you are encouraged to greet and hug those that you come across, particularly if they mean something to you. In fact, even if you are not close to someone, you are still encouraged to show them kindness and love through a hug. The concept of this day is to embrace the act of a hug because many forget to use this act in relationships on the daily. It can enhance your relationships and it can show you what it truly means to be in relation with giving and receiving the positive attributes of life. Remember, National Hug Day is in support of what love truly is.

You can also find and learn about the benefits of hugging and how hugging can enhance your life. Hugging is a prominent part of all relationships. Studies have been done that prove that hugging can enhance your relationship and happier and longer relationships have had their success because of physical touch. Hugging can also raise oxytocin and serotonin levels, raise self esteem, and it can also improve mental health. There have also been improvements in cardiac health, lower blood pressure, and raised comfort levels for those in intimate relationships.

This day that is dedicated to hugs provides a celebrated holiday that has many benefits from happiness, encouragement, to blending with our loved ones. Whether you are in Michigan or on the coast of California, make sure to embrace your loved ones on January 21st with a great big warm hug.


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