Town Meeting Day Vermont

Town Meeting Day in Vermont requires most towns to hold town meetings in which residents are allowed a public forum, and where issues such as officer elections are decided and budget issues are discussed. It is typically on the first Tuesday in March or during the following days. About 40 towns take part.

Another aspect of these meetings includes the moderator, an elected position whose duties include managing the meeting by reviewing and creating agenda, establishing rules, and announcing votes.

A main function of these town meetings is to inform the residents on budget policy and allow them a vote in the matter. Many state workers have the day off and students over the age of 18 are allowed to skip school to attend. The event takes also coincides with the time of year that Vermont was admitted to a state.

Virginia has a long tradition of utilizing the practice of town meetings, holding them since before it even became a state. A town meeting style of democracy grew in popularity during the 17th century. The practice is still alive, particularly in New England, allowing for more interaction between citizens and legislature.

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