How To Make Money With AI

You may be looking to capitalize on the artificial intelligence frenzy. With continuous advances in technology, it is amazing how far we have come in 2023. It is pretty obvious that artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it’s going to continue to grow. Currently, services such as ChatGPT are able to compose an article within a few seconds to minutes, something that would take a writer much longer before its arrival. We are seeing the use of artificial intelligence in countless software products, such as video editing, social media management, chat automation, customer service, and many more. This is just the beginning. As a matter of fact, Bank of America has predicted that AI will add $15.7 trillion to the world economy in the next seven years. So, you might be wondering how you can start making money using AI services like ChatGPT. Here are a few ways you could start taking advantage of AI for your side hustle or even turning it into a full-time business.



Create Compelling Content

One thing ChatGPT is great at is creating content. An article that may have taken several minutes before or even hours can be done very quickly. The key to creating great content is by giving ChatGPT multiple directives so it can create a unique article. An example of this would be “How to make money online?.” While you can use this exact phrase, it may not give you the best and most unique article, so there is high probability that someone else may have the same content. A much better way to utilize ChatGPT or another AI service is by being as unique as possible. An example of this would be:

“Give me 5 topics about making money online using e-commerce and give me five product ideas that would likely sell in a bad economy. I want you to write these articles in the voice of Morgan Freeman and I would like you to write it simple enough for an elementary school student to understand I would also like you to end each paragraph with the word money.”

The above statement will generate results such as this:


As you can see from the results, ChatGPT did a pretty good job of creating five topics the way I asked. It would have taken me much longer to even think of these things, or quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t have come up with any of them. So one thing ChatGPT is good at is giving you ideas and expanding on those ideas. The alternative is spending countless hours trying to think of different ideas, so why not use it to your advantage?

One thing to keep in mind is that ChatGPT or AI does not come without mistakes or errors. A simple YouTube search or Reddit will confirm this. However, even with the errors it makes, it is still a very valuable tool and when used properly, can save you a lot of time. Think of it like a personal assistant. A personal assistant is going to follow your lead. If you mistakenly tell it to do the wrong thing based on the wrong information, the output will likely be filled with errors. The more specific you can be, the better the content will be. Even then, since this is still in its infancy, I would spend time checking the content for errors when you are discussing sensitive topics or have any doubts.

If you noticed the example screenshots above, when I asked ChatGPT to end each paragraph with “money”, it just added the word “money” with no context. It did what I asked; however, I was not specific enough. What I love about this tool is that I can explain to it what was wrong and what I would like to correct, and it does it… FAST!

After explaining how it should add “money” to each paragraph, the results were just as I expected. “Money” was added correctly to the paragraphs, and ChatGPT was able to generate fantastic content. Here is what I asked it to do:

And here is the response:




Now that you have the necessary content, the next step is to rewrite it for your target audience. Since there isn’t much guidance on how Google will handle AI-generated content, it’s best to consider AI tools as aids for writing or improving content. You shouldn’t rely on them entirely. Depending too much on AI could lead to problems like duplicate content or even a penalty for spamming. Therefore, it’s better to be cautious and rephrase the content in your own words. While this additional step may take more time, remember that your content provides your readers with a valuable user experience and accurate information. The utility of ChatGPT and other software is still incredibly valuable and can save many hours of brainstorming or thinking of topics to write about.

Once you have written your content, AI can also proofread it and quickly find any punctuation or grammatical errors, as I am doing right this moment. If there is a specific sentence you dislike, simply explain what you are attempting to communicate, and ChatGPT will rephrase it in seconds. Isn’t that great?


How To Convert Into Sales?

Now, how can you turn this content into sales? Well, there are several ways. By using the blog post ideas we mentioned above, you could implement them and have ChatGPT provide a detailed outline of how to get started. For example, if we choose topic 4, selling on online marketplaces, I would ask ChatGPT something like this: “I want to sell on online marketplaces. Can you suggest five product ideas that are relatively cheap and that I could list on Etsy? Additionally, could you create a plan for me that I could execute in a few days or less?”

Here is the response:

As you can see, the ideas are endless, and you can dive even deeper and get extremely detailed. If you decide to execute on the plan, that is one idea. Another idea is selling your content or blogging, similar to this blog you are reading. If you provide enough valuable information that your readers find interesting and captivating, the opportunity is enormous. You can generate income using ads, affiliate links, and there may be companies looking to purchase content in a niche you are now an expert in, thanks to the help of AI tools and your own research.

Using your imagination is key to building something that can be successful. It’s not guaranteed, but if you don’t try, you won’t know. Recently, a TikTok user harnessed the power of AI and asked ChatGPT to create a crochet pattern. After going viral, the product is now very popular, and the demand is high.

Social Media, Blogging and Coding

Experiment with using AI along with other technologies, such as social media, e-commerce, blogging, and consulting. There are many other areas that could benefit from AI, such as coding. You can try building something basic in HTML or another language like PHP and ask ChatGPT to help you code it or parts of it.

Here is an example of a weight loss calculator in PHP:


Build Your Own AI Tool

Another way to make money with AI is by building your own AI tool. This will require some capital and more time; however, with the right development team, you can build your own AI chatbot to handle online emails or chat requests for e-commerce stores or other websites. You can then charge customers a monthly subscription to use the service. While this will require more resources, it could be very lucrative, especially given the rate AI is expected to grow in the next seven years. Since the market might be saturated, innovation will come in handy. It will be difficult to compete with larger companies; however, with the right mindset and drive, you might just be in line to build the next latest and greatest tool harnessing the amazing power of AI.

Another useful way to make money using AI is by creating ads for businesses. You can charge them per ad or a monthly fee to manage their social media accounts. Using AI and the various tools out there, such as, you can easily create creatives. If you combine this with added knowledge, you can become an expert in ad creatives for a particular niche and be the go-to contact for that particular industry. Once you get familiar with using the tools, it will be a matter of contacting various businesses, either by cold-calling, using social media ads, or even creating an email campaign using AI. Yes, there is an AI tool for that as well.

AI will be life-changing and will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. There is a window of opportunity to capitalize on this technology, and that window is now.

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