How To Make Money Writing

There are many ways one can make extra money writing. Many writers do it as a hobby or to make a few extra bucks. However, there are plenty of writers who make a great living writing content. This content can range from writing stories, articles, movie scripts, books and much more. Writers may even ghostwrite for other people or companies giving all copyright to the person paying. With more people working from home and looking for additional sources of income perhaps you have been thinking how you can make money writing. Here are a few examples on getting started.

  • Identify your niche – Narrow down 2-3 niches you are very knowledgeable in, this will make things easier when looking for jobs to write for. If you love to write about pets or business, it will also be fun for you as you are creating content and will not be as arduous.
  • Create A few Examples – It is important to create a few examples of your work to show potential clients how you write. This will also determine if your style fits what they are looking for. If you have a few styles you write in create a few articles in those styles however do your best to remain authentic and not try too hard. If you veer too far off from your true style it could be sloppy. Create 2-3 original articles and have them ready for your portfolio. As you write for clients also ask permission if you may share examples of the articles to clients. However NEVER publish work that was already paid for on a website this could affect your client and create duplicate content on google. It is best to create a PDF and email it to your client or share it in a drop box link.
  • Create Simple Branding – Sure you can always try to sell your name as an writer however you may have more success if you market yourself as a professional writing service. For Example you may decide on securing a domain name and May brand yourself as ABC Writing Services. If you do decide to create a business name you may also want to look into registering a business name to make it legal. To keep it simple many states don’t require a business registration if you use your Legal name in the business, however you will want to check with your county. After you have secured a name don’t forget to also register Facebook Pages, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and all the current social media services which are popular. This will allow you to market yourself more thoroughly.
  • Spread The Word – This is the fun part and where it takes some creativity to find business. There are very easy ways to advertise yourself. You can Start with services like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer. Create an account and profile and search for jobs by typing ‘writing’ in the search bar. You will see many employers looking for writers. The great thing about writers they are always in demand. It does take some time to build a good clientele to work with.
  • Pricing – It is important to charge what you believe you are worth however you also want to scope out your competition and see which rates you are competing with. Some writers charge low rates and eventually increase their prices. I see this as an excellent strategy. If you start low lets say $5-10 Per 500 words, or Even 8-10 Per 1000 words. I find this to be a good rate. It may not be much to start with but remember you are building trust and an online reputation. As you get more work you can tell your clients you are increasing your prices and even change them on your profile. Many clients will continue working with you despite the price increase because they already like your writing style and switching or replacing you many times doesn’t make sense and could hurt their audience. But starting low and steadily increasing I believe is a good strategy. There have been writers who start as low as $5 per article and they are now at $50-100 per article.

These are just a few tips on how to make money writing online and to help you get started. There are many more ways such as creating a blog and other things such as affiliate marketing you can get into but those usually involve more work and time and will take some time to yield results.

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