Measure TV Size

How To Measure TV Size

A TV screen is measured diagonally. Most TVs are not advertised by their actual viewing size but tend to be smaller. After Adding the width of the plastic casing securing the TV it will generally add a few more inches. So you may see an advertisement for a 55 Inch TV which may actually be 54.4 or 54.5 after factoring the bezel you will get close to or over 55 inches. The company would then classify the TV under a 55 Inch “Class” to avoid misleading the consumer, this allows TV companies to classify TV’s within a range although the actual TV viewing screen is actually smaller. Below is an illustration that shows you how you should measure a TV if you are looking to sell or buy one. If it is a 55 inch it should be pretty close not way off, anything more than an inch is probably not accurate.

The above is just an illustration on how to measure a TV size. If you are planning on mounting a TV or putting into a Tight Space You may also want to measure the entire length of the TV both Width and Height thickness to ensure it will fit, don’t forget to factor in any clearances needed for mounting it on a bracket. Hopefully this simple article will help next time you are planning on buying a TV whether the store or online from a third party, It is important to take a tape measure with you if you are meeting someone for a purchase to be sure you can quickly measure the TV size and check for accuracy. You don’t want to end up buying a 50 inch TV that was advertised as 55.

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