Dual Sim Phones

Whether you’re looking use different networks while traveling or wanting to keep your business and home lines separate without having two phones, dual-sim phones are the way to go. These phones are great for a variety of people. By having two sim cards these phones can switch between networks, which means they’re great for people who regularly get roaming warnings or find dead spots in their current carrier’s service. On top of that, each sim card contains it’s own separate data. That means each has their own contacts list, great for those with a business line and personal line.

In the U.S. they can still be hard to find in stores due to most phones still being sold on contract from specific carriers. In this day and age its definitely easier to find one than it used to be. As more carriers pop-up and the mobile phone market expands, so too do your options. Dual-sim phones do often have drawbacks though, with data storage depleting fast and battery life going even faster. So which phones with dual-sim capabilities currently top the market?

Samsung Galaxy S20

There are a handful of phones available that offer dual-sim capabilities that really stand out right now. The top dog of which is the Samsung Galaxy S20. The Galaxy series have been a household name in the past few years. Rivaling Apple, Samsung is offering phones that are easily affordable and accessible for everyone. The S20 is no different. It has 5G capabilities and 12GB of RAM so there’s no worry of it being sluggish or running low in memory. Its battery life is solid too, including up to a 25w fast charge. There’s also the improved S20+ and S20 Ultra with even longer battery life if that’s a worry though. A sharp display and solid camera are plusses as well. The drawback for this one is it’s a bit bulky for a phone.



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iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you are looking more from Samsung’s main contender, Apple, then the iPhone 11 Pro Max is probably more your speed. A lot of newer iPhones allow dual-sim use and the 11 Pro Max stands to be great for it. It does have a little less in the memory compartment than the Galaxy S20 with 4GB of RAM and an included internal storage of 64GB. That being said, this option is quick as well, easily rivaling other phones of its generation. It can have enough of a charge to last more than a day but if you drain it faster than that the Lightning charging cable has you covered. A definite bonus is the iPhone’s infamous camera quality, which is great for those traveling.



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OnePlus 7T Pro

To round out the list there’s the OnePlus 7T Pro. While maybe not a household name, this phone definitely holds its own. With 8GB RAM as well as 256GB internal storage the memory is nothing to laugh at. It runs on a simpler version of Android software so you don’t have to worry about battery drain just from using it. If you do find yourself with a low battery the charger will usually get you back up to a good amount in less than an hour. Along with the S20, it is on the larger end, but on the plus side it definitely doesn’t feel cheap in your hand. Although, one of best selling point for this phone is the price. It’s not hard at all to find these phones under $500 on a handful of different sites. So if you’re looking to dip your toe into dual-sim phones without breaking the bank, give this one your full consideration.



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These are only a few of the dual-sim options on the market, so if you don’t see anything here that sparks your interest then don’t worry, there’s still something out there for you. With mobile phone technology growing as fast as it has been (in the past ten years even), it isn’t a stretch to think there will be even more options on the market in the near future.

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