The Islands of Thailand

The Islands of Thailand: Phucket

When you head out to the country of Thailand, you probably will pack a bathing suit and a bit of sunscreen. Most people have on their bucket lists to visit the islands that Thailand has become famous for.  With so many to choose from, it can become a difficult chore narrowing down your options during your vacation time. Yet, what are some of the islands that you can visit while in Thailand? When people come to this country, Phucket is usually the first island they head over to.

Phucket is the name of a province in Thailand as well as the island of Phucket. Heading out of Bangkok, most choose to journey over to this region that holds the main area of Phucket and the small islands that exist off of it. There are many accomodation areas in Phucket for all visitors, ranging in cheap pricing to expensive, and there are also many things to do.

Starting with the beaches, Phucket is known to have relaxing beaches under the hot sun. Depending on where you go in Phucket, you will not be disappointed. You can stay in places such as Patong, where there are immense amounts of shopping, restaurants, and shopping. This area in Phucket is known to have great nightlife, if that is what you are after. If you want a calmer area to enjoy the beaches of Phucket, you can head on over to the area of Karon. There are many resorts, restaurants, and activities to take part in here, as well, but it is a bit calmer.

If you want to explore a bit further, you can also find markets in the region of Phucket. Thailand is known for the many night markets that host food vendors, shops, and creations that represent the Thai region. There are also many temples and regions for exploration in the region of Phucket. If you do not make it up to Chiang Mai, there is a secondary elephant sanctuary in the region of Phucket. Here, you can interact, feed, and spend time with the beautiful creatures that Thailand holds high.

Beyond the many beaches, markets, and regions in Phucket, you will be able to spend time escaping from the busy region of Bangkok or the mainland of Thailand. Phucket is known to be the most popular island for most visitors, and even locals. If you have the chance to head on over to this island, it is highly suggested and it will provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

The Islands of Thailand: Ko Samui

There are many islands that surround the region of Thailand. Depending on which side of Thailand you want to head on over to, you can find islands that are beautiful, calming, adventurous, and all that you are after. On the southeast side of Thailand, the islands display a different type of culture that is unique to the diversity Thailand holds. One island that is recommended for visitation during your stay in Thailand is the island of Ko Samui.

Ko Samui is Thailand’s second largest island. This island lies in the gulf of Thailand off of the east side of Kra Isthmus. Known for its amazing beaches that are covered in trees, Ko Samui has beautiful rainforest regions and waters that will blow you away. Chaweng Beach is a common beach that is beautiful, popular, and relaxing on the island of Ko Samui. There are, also, many resorts to explore in Ko Samui that are in the luxurious range. Yet, if you want a cheaper and reasonable place to stay, there is that, as well. It is suggested to splurge in this region – it will be worth it.

Beyond the many beaches to explore in Ko Samui, what else is there to see? Starting with the 12m tall Golden Buddha, Wat Phra Yai Temple is located on a tiny island that is connected to Ko Samui through a causeway. It is something Ko Samui is known for, and if you can make it over to this temple, it is highly recommended. On the north side of this island, the village of Bo Phut has many shops, restaurants, and areas for exploration. Most buildings have been fomer Chinese Shophouses that have converted over into shops, restaurants, and places for exploring. There are, also, many markets, where goods, clothing, and street food is sold. Tranquil Maenam Beach is near this town, and you may also want to take a trip to the Ang Thong National Park. This area has great snorkeling and diving, if that is what you are after.

If you want to visit the old capital of Nathon, you will want to head on over to the West side of the island. There are, also, other tours that you can take part in on this island, such as using ATVs. There are other beaches like Lamai beach and there are places of rock formation such as the Hin Tai Hin Yai. Everything on Ko Samui is glorious in its natural state and if you get a chance to head on over to this island, it is highly suggested.

The Islands of Thailand: Ko Tao

Every island of Thailand offers something different. Whether you want to explore the natural rainforests of Thailand, bathe in the sun, or swim in the ocean, Thailand will have an island that is crafted just for you. One island that is crafted, specifically for recreational purposes, is the island of Ko Tao. Ko Tao is a small island off the coast of Thailand that only ranges over eight square miles large. There is a population of just under 1,400 people. Yet, many come to Ko Tao for what it has to offer through exploration.

Ko Tao attracts people that are interested in rock climbing, diving, and snorkeling. It is known for its tropical coral reefs as well as the underwater species of whale sharks and stingrays. If you are interested in diving and underwater life, it is suggested that you head on over to this island. You will have an experience of a lifetime, where you will get a firsthand look at some amazing sealife, that is specific to this region of Thailand. You will, also, notice the Hawsbill and turtles, also, come near this island by the coral reefs to breed.

If you are on this island, looking for a great beach to spend time at, it is suggested that you head on over to Sai Nuan Beach. This beach is a safe haven hideway, that is covered in palm trees. There are, also, other beaches, such as Mae Haad Beach, which is near Sai Ri Beach. Near here, you will find many dive shops, restaurants, and places for nightlife fun. You may, also, want to check out Chalok Baan Kao Bay, on the south coast. There are villas that surround this region. Yet, any beach you head to in Ko Tao will be beautiful and relaxing, for whatever explorations you are after.

If you head over to the northwest side of this island, you will be able to explore Koh Nang Yuan. Koh Nang Yuan is a group of islets with hilltop views that lie just near Ko Tao. It is an experience that is unlike anything else in Thailand. With the ocean clarity and the swift breezes, this seclusion can give you adventure that is non-existent elsewhere in Thailand. If you want to explore nature spots on Ko Tao, you can head to John-Suwan viewpoint. Here, there are hiking trails and scenic views of the jungle nature, and you will recieve an experience that is specific to the island of Ko Tao.

Although Ko Tao is small and not that popular to the average tourist, there are still many activities of ocean life, relaxation, and beauty that you can take part in. If you want to dive, snorkel, and let adventure take you, head on over to the island of Ko Tao.

Islands of Thailand: Ko Phi Phi

Most people tend to visit one or two islands while they are visiting the country of Thailand. Usually, people will want to visit an island that has beautiful oceans, relaxation, and the beating sun. Whether you go for the day or a bit longer, Ko Phi Phi is an extremely popular location to visit. Located in the area of Krabi, people will usually take a day trip out to this island. The Phi Phi islands are a group of islands off of Phucket.

The Phi Phi islands populate around 2,500 people and recieve large amounts of visitors, daily, regardless if it is raining or shining. Phi Phi Le is free of inhabitants and Phi Phi Don is free of any and all roads. These islands have been featured in movies and have begun to rebuild since destruction through natural disasters. When you arrive on Phi Phi, you will want to leave all stress, worry, and chaos behind you. The reason Phi Phi is so popular is due to its relaxed state.

Phi Phi Le hosts a beautiful beach with crystal clear water, the whitest of sands, and relaxation of all kinds. Many visitors will come spend time at this beach, especially since it became famous from a Leonardo Di Caprio movie. Maya Bay, on this island, is absolutely gorgeous to explore, if you get the chance. You can also go see Loh Sama, which is a great spot that has been known for snorkeling. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you can head on over to Viking Cave, which features paintings of what is known to be drakkars.

If you stay on Phi Phi Don, you can explore the beaches, the shopping, and the many restaurants that exist. You will notice this part of the Phi Phi islands is held in an “H” shape, and you may want to check out the beautiful views that this jungle region holds. Phi Phi View Point is on the east side of the flat strip of sand and overlooks the main village of this island and the two bays that are present on either side. It is a view that should not be missed. You may also want to check out the many tours and adventures that exist on this island. Along with relaxing and taking in the beautiful spots that Phi Phi has to offer, you may want to go diving in this region. Diving is one of the most popular activities in Phi Phi and there are many places on this island that offer tours and courses to learn. Shark Point, Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser Wreck are located to the west between Phi Phi Islands and Phuket, and are easily accessible from Phi Phi. You will be able to see amazing fauna and flora when you go diving in this region of Thailand.

You may also notice that the region of Phi Phi lies in the Krabi province and Krabi attracts rock climbers from all over. There are many spots of limestone for climbing to adventure on, if that is what you enjoy. Tonsai Tower is on the west side of Tonsai Bay, and is an amazing spot for rock climbers in Phi Phi. This tower is 200m tall and has 48 different bolted routes for all types of climbers. If you are new or experienced, you will have a blast at this spot.

If you get a chance to head on over to Phi Phi, it is highly suggested. It holds Thailand in the highest regard.

The Islands of Thailand: Ko – Phangan

Once you explore the many islands of Thailand that are known for popularity, you may be wondering what other islands there are. In fact, there are so many islands in Thailand that it can get a bit confusing with which ones to visit. It is why so many recommend the popular islands, at first. Yet, once you decide what you are after, you will be able to, perfectly, figure out where you want to travel to while you are in the country of Thailand. The island of Ko – Phangan is an island that is known for its party lifestyle. If that is your thing, you might want to head on over to this island for a great time.

Ko – Phangan is an island in Asia that is located in the southeast region of Thailand. Most people come to this island because of the full – moon dance party that occurs here every full moon. If you are looking for that sort of activity, this is where you will find it. This island is known to have amazing parties, which enhances community, nightlife, and a great bit of enchanting fun. Yet, there is more to this island than just to party. This island can provide great seclusion and relaxation, if you find the right spot.

If you come to this island when there is not a full moon or half moon party going on, rooms will be easy to find and relatively cheap, and the beaches that this island is known for will be extremely calm and relaxing. A few beaches you may want to check out are the beach of Kat Khom, Than Sadet (on the east coast), or even the beach of the fishing village Chalok Lam. Every beach will provide you with the best Thailand island experience you can find. This island is, also, known for diving and snorkeling. The dive scene here is a bit calmer than other islands, but still remains professional.

If you want an island that has all of the ocean life and temples, this is the place for you. This island has many temples for visitation. Guanyin temple is known for its vibrant colors and is dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of compassion. You may, also, be interested in checking out the temple of Wat Khao Tham. This temple is a top of a dense forest and is remarkably beautiful. Beyond these many activities, you can also check out the Ang Thong National Park. Here, you can visit many jungle – filled limestone islands that will blow you away and give you amazing shots for your camera.

This island is absolutely beautiful and does not get enough credit for what it provides. If you have a chance to visit this island, it is suggested that you head on over. You will not be upset with the experience you receive.

The Islands of Thailand: Koh Lipe

The southern region of Thailand is filled with luxurious areas and mounteous adventure terrain that is calling visitors from all over the world. Whether you want to spend your time on an island or on the mainland of Thailand, you will have an unique experience that brings life to your travels. Specifically, the island of Koh Lipe is a beautiful place that will provide adventure, fun, and relaxation. Yet, what exactly is the island of Koh Lipe all about?

Koh Lipe is an island in the southern region of Thailand near the border of Thailand and Malaysia. It is a part of the Adang-Rawi Archipelago, which sits on the outside border of the Tarutao National Park. This island is shaped like an “L” and for quite a while was only inhabited by sea gypsies. In the language of Chao Ley, this island even means Paper Island. The region of this island is known for the rich – coral waters that bring immense clarity and freshness to this region of the world. If you are interested in spending time at the beaches on the island, you will be in for a treat. All beaches here are relatively sandy and very refreshing.

There are three main beaches on this island as well as others. The first beach is on the southern region of the island and it is called Pattaya Beach. The east side of the island has a beach that is called sunrise beach and the west side of the island has a beach called sunset beach. Each beach is beautiful, relaxing, and has calming and clear waters for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. The islands in this area are well-known for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well. There are also dive sites around this spot. You may want to head over to the eight mile rock pinnacle or the Yong Hua Shipwreck to explore the underwater sea life.

There are also many hotels to stay at on this island from small huts to luxury hotels. Depending on what you are looking for, this island will have an option that will suit your needs. You may also notice that the dining options on this island have expanded in recent times as tourists have created a higher demand. Now, there is seafood, thai food, and other cuisines available on Koh Lipe. You will also notice that this island occupies the aboriginal Malay people and the culture reflects that in its Thai connection.

Koh Lipe is a wondrous island that is filled with the brightest sun and the bluest waters. If you have the chance to head on over to this southern region of Thailand, you will have an experience that is culture – filled and brilliantly adventurous.

 The Islands of Thailand: Similan Islands

Although there are many islands off of Thailand that have amazing beaches, luxurious hotels, and adventurous activities, there are also islands that are specific to the regions that surround Thailand. If you are visiting an island such as Phucket, you may not be able to find immense amounts of snorkeling with clarity or you may not find the solitude you want. Yet, there are islands you can visit that could be considered specialty islands. If you are interested in visiting a beautiful island off of the Phang Nga Coast, you may want to check out the Similan islands.

The Similan Islands are just 84 km off of the island of Phucket. If you are in Phucket, you will probably see many advertisements to visit the Similan islands due to their immense amounts of beauty and seclusion. You will find this area to be an extremely popular spot in the Andean Sea due to the underwater life that is available. In fact, diving and snorkeling are great adventures to take part in when you are visiting the Similan Islands. The word Similan means nine and you will find that each island has a number and a name that correlates with this meaning.

When you are visiting, you will find many different things. There are immense amounts of trees and even animals on the Similan Islands. Be prepared to find crab-eating monkeys, dusky langurs, squirrels, bats, lizards and many different types of birds while you are on these islands. You will also notice large amounts of trees and it may feel as if you are in a jungle. For divers and visitors, there are also many boulders throughout the island and even partially in the water that will contribute to the experience.

The beaches are amazing with clear waters and white sand. It is the perfect place for anyone who is in the mood for a deserted beach. One of the main reasons people come to this island is for the beaches and more importantly, the coral and underwater life that exists. You will find color and life that shows up with great clarity. Although you may have to make the trip up to this region, it is very much worth it.

The Similan Islands are known for the sun, the water, and the amazing experience you can have with nature that is the outdoor life of Thailand. If you have a few days to come up to this region, it is highly suggested. You will not be disappointed.

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