Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the day of Holy Week celebrated by Christians between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. As the last day of Lent, it is sometimes called Easter Eve. It commemorates the day that Jesus was buried in a tomb following his crucifixion.

The most significant tradition of Holy Saturday includes Easter Vigil services, where some participants may be blessed with holy water. It is sometimes called “the Saturday of Light” or “Joyous Saturday.”

Holy Saturday is probably the least observed of the days between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. Many Christians simply prepare for Easter, cooking and decorating eggs. There are not typically masses or sacraments performed. Altars are usually bare or covered with black.

Some call the day as the Holy and Great Sabbath, considering it a day of rest for Jesus. Some believe that the Harrowing of Hades took place on this day, when Jesus freed souls from hell. Although the holiday is not celebrated seriously, in Poland, Easter baskets are blessed on Holy Saturday, which is one of Poland’s most popular religious traditions.

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