How To Void A Check

Sometimes a voided check or a copy of a voided check is needed when filling out a direct deposit form for an employer. You may have also made a mistake on a check and need to void it. Voiding a check is very easy. Simply write VOID in large letters across the entire check. Make sure you use a pen and not pencil to prevent someone from using it, which is the whole point of voiding a check.

For an employer a voided check is simply needed for them to see your account information for direct deposit and confirm its accuracy and existence, they will not use the check.  Once you have voided the check you can call your bank and let them know you voided it in case its ever lost or stolen, they are able cancel it.

Once you have a voided check your employer will usually ask for a copy of the voided check or the check itself. Be sure to keep records so you know which check was given to them.  Make sure whoever asks for a voided check is a reputable company and don’t give one unless you verify they are. Below is an Illustration of how a voided check should look.

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