Best Laptops Under 400

Best Laptops Under $400

Shopping for a new computer is nothing short of exciting. You start thinking of the many ways you will use your new laptop, how it will make you more efficient, how it might replace your ancient laptop, or perhaps how this laptop is the perfect piece of equipment for your new business venture. Then Reality sets in…..How much does it cost? The cost of laptops very easily run into the thousands with all the bells and whistles. Luckily there are options and in this article we will discuss the best laptops under 400 dollars. You heard right, Not four-thousand, 400. You may even wonder if it’s even possible to find any computer for 400, let alone a laptop, and will it be a slow unreliable piece of junk. Well you may be surprised there are some very fine computers that you can buy on a budget and will perform much better than you might expect. Lets take a look at a few. 


Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

The Acer Aspire and It’s sleek and modern design is a choice for a budget. With 4gb of memory and a 128GB SSD this will cut back on startup times and perform better than other laptops. The battery life on this machine is very respectable at 7.5 hours and Its 15.6Inch Screen size and 3.97 Pound weight make it the perfect laptop to travel with. If you are looking for a laptop go get some work done using word processing or browsing the internet this is the perfect choice. 


2020 HP 14 inch HD Laptop

Just about everyone is familiar with the HP brand. They have built some very reliable computers over the years and their laptops are no different. This HP 14 inch HD laptop is a favorite among Amazon buyers. Coming in at just under 5-stars it is perfect for the student or business owner to get everyday tasks done. Most work these days is done on external applications and web based applications. Unless you are planning on installing some sophisticated software or some intense gaming this laptop is everything you need for just the right price. 


The Xidu touch screen laptop is such a cool looking and powerful machine. The backlit keyboard add the extra touch giving it such a modern and neat look. It also comes with added upgrades such as the fingerprint scanner and not to mention the touchscreen capabilities. We are very surprised that for this price it comes with so many many features the other computers lack. It is also Light weight at 2.65LBS. 

Best Laptops Under 400
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