Change The Snooze Time on an iPhone

Change The Snooze Time on an iPhone

Many of us rely on an alarm to wake us up in the morning, and so many of us own iPhones. We expect the most out of our iPhone’s so why wouldn’t we want to use our iPhones as our alarm clock. Most already do, but sometimes not all features are easily accessible or easy to use. One of those alarm clock features is modifying the snooze time.


When you hit the snooze button on your iPhone, you are given nine minutes before the alarm would sound again. Nine minutes may not be ideal for some as you may want a long snooze or a shorter snooze. The only way to adjust that setting is to customize it.


Setting your snooze time with multiple alarms

As unknown as this feature may have been, the process for setting your custom snooze time is quite easy. The first step is to disable the snooze setting on the currently chosen alarm. For this example, we will set the snooze period to 6 minutes. Remember you can choose more or less time. It is completely up to you.


  1. Find the clock app and open it. Then tap [Alarm] at the bottom, next tap the [ + ] in the top right to create a new alarm.


  1. Set the preferred wake-up time. For instruction purposes, we will use 6 a.m.


  1. You should disable the [Snooze] setting the tap [Save].


  1. Next, tap the [ + ] again and create a new alarm which will be for 6:06 a.m. then disable the snooze setting once again and finally tap [Save].


  1. You can repeat steps 1 – 4 and add additional alarms for the length of periods you’d like.


There are other ways you can achieve the same goal of changing your snooze period longer or shorter than the defaulted nine minutes. You can use third party alarm clocks that you can download on your iPhone, and these apps offer customizable snooze alarms. Three of those are the sleep cycle app, the progressive alarm, and the alarm app. Each of these snooze apps has their instructed ways on creating a custom snooze period.


As a quick example, we will go through the instructions on setting up a custom snooze for the sleep cycle third-party app.


  1. You should open Sleep Cycle then tap on [Profile], which is located at the bottom.


  1. Find [settings] and look under it, tap [More].


  1. Now find [Alarm], and tap [snooze].


  1. You can tap [Regular], next choose your preferred interval or snooze period. (Up to 20 minutes).

    If you’re a heavy sleeper and need to be woken up at a specific time each morning, then it’s important that your phone has an option for snoozing. The iPhone doesn’t have this feature built in, but there are some apps out there that can help customize the length of your alarm clock’s snooze function. It may take more work on your part to find these apps or alter their settings once they do show up on your device, but sometimes small changes make big differences when it comes to getting enough sleep every night! Which app did you decide to use? Feel free to share your comments comment below.

Change The Snooze Time on an iPhone
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