Preschool Ideas For Lunch

Preschool Ideas For Lunch

Sending your child to preschool is a really fun milestone in any parent’s life. The kids tend to get excited, too, about their first backpack and lunchbox and making new friends. However, while you probably got an extremely expensive list of exactly what to fill that backpack with, you may be wondering about how you are going to fill that new lunch box up each day for your picky eater.

Packing lunch for a preschool aged-child is complicated. They do not have access to a microwave so their lunches need to be cold friendly. Further, their teacher will helping a lot of kids with lunch so you do not want to send them anything that is too complicated to eat. Lucky for you, we have compiled some ideas to make packing lunches a little bit easier throughout the school year.

5 Easy Preschool Lunch Ideas

Most of the ideas we have included here can be adjusted for your child’s personal taste. These are healthy options that promote a balanced diet.

1.  Classic Sandwich with Veggies or Fruit

You cannot go wrong by sending your child with a classic sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly might be a little messy, but you could try it. If your child prefers lunch meat, then make his/her favorite sandwich, cut it into triangles or squares and sent it on.

When choosing a fruit or veggie to send in your toddler’s lunch to school, keep in mind that they need a soft food to eat. Try cucumber slices or sliced strawberries to accompany the classic sandwich.

2.  Egg Box

Slice up a hard-boiled egg to send with your toddler for lunch. Try adding some soft pita wedges in as a sort of deconstructed sandwich. Consider sending a fruit and vegetable squeeze pouch on the side.

3.  Tortilla Roll Ups

Tortilla roll-ups are a fun version of the classic sandwich. First, spread ranch dressing on the tortilla, then add spinach, your favorite cheese, and your choice of meat. Roll the tortilla tightly and cut into slices. Toddler love these. They pair nicely with clementine orange slices.

4.  Egg Muffins with Crackers

Use a muffin pan to make egg muffins the night before. Simply scramble some eggs, throw in some veggies, cheese, meat if you desire. Bake them and then refrigerate. This is another huge finger-food hit with the toddlers. Pair this one with some crackers and maybe even throw in a chocolate treat for dessert!

5.  Breakfast for Lunch

preschool lunch ideas boxThis one is a staple for many parents. You can pretty much include anything that you would give your toddler for breakfast in this lunch box. Waffle pieces, a yogurt parfait, some fruit slices. There is something special about breakfast for lunch.

Final Thoughts

Making your toddler lunch for preschool does not have to be overwhelming. Have fun creating creative lunches for your preschool aged child. Just remember, try not to send anything your child has never tried before. Also, keep the foods easy to handle and soft enough for your toddler to easily eat as you prepare these preschool lunch ideas.

Preschool Ideas For Lunch
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