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Science Books For Preschoolers

Preschoolers are constantly learning. They are absorbing more information each day than you and I can even fathom or comprehend. This is why preschool-aged children often seem so easily distracted, they are constantly learning something new about the world around them and that takes a lot of attention.

This is one of the many reasons that finding reliable yet interesting books about science seems to be a bit of a challenge. In order to hold a preschooler’s attention, you need a book that is both captivating and easy to understand. When it comes to learning about scientific concepts, this is a task that is hard to accomplish.

This is why we have compiled a list of the top science books for preschoolers. These books are sure to be a hit with this tough crowd.

National Geographic: Little Kids First Big Book of Why

Young children really love to ask tough questions. With this huge book from National Geographic, those questions might be a little bit easier to answer. While this book is huge, it is a great resource for answering certain science questions your little one may have.

My Five Senses: Let’s Read and Find Out

This short book is a great resource for helping your preschooler understand the five senses. It is simple, interesting, and does not get overly complicated. This book is a great choice for children age 2-4 to learn about their senses.

Hello World: Solar System

This book about the solar system is a great tool for helping young children to begin to think about a world that is much bigger than they could have imagined. This is a book that does a really good job at remaining interactive and not overcomplicating things for a young mind.

Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body

If your preschool-aged child enjoys Dr. Seuss, then this book by the Cat in the Hat Learning Library is a great tool for teaching them about how their body works. This book might be a little complicated for three-year-olds, but it is still a fun read even if they do not understand the concepts in their entirety.

The Bug Book

The Bug Book is the perfect science book for a preschool-aged kid who is interested in learning to explore and collect bugs. This book is easy to understand, but it does a great job of encouraging young children to explore their backyard and look for the different types of safe bugs to collect and observe.

What is Science?

This book is another great science book for kids. The great thing about this book is that it helps to answer a major question that young children have trouble understanding. What is science? Science is such a wide concept, young children often have trouble understanding what falls into the category. This book helps to overcome that struggle.

High-quality Science books can be hard to find in an age-appropriate style for young children. However, there are some really good books on the market that fit into the science genre. With the right tools, you can help your preschooler understand the world of science.

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