How To Not Stress About School

School is stressful.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like your work is too much or that you’re never going to get anything done. Sometimes it can be helpful to focus on the positive. After all, if you feel like your work is too much or that you’re never going to get anything done, then it’s time to take a step back and take a good look at what you have accomplished so far. When things are really tough, stay motivated with these tips for not stressing about school!

Here are five tips for not stressing about school!

Take care of yourself

It’s essential to take care of yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Sleep well, eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly. These steps will keep you healthy and strong, ready to tackle everything that comes your way.

  • Take a break

Go for a walk, chat with friends or spend the afternoon at the park. Whatever makes you feel good! Just slow down for a bit and give yourself some space.

  • Change your perspective

Imagine what it will be like after finals week. How will you feel if you’ve pulled through and made it to the other side? It’s not so bad.

  • Hang out with your friends

Spend time with people who make you happy. They’ll help keep things in perspective and give you a much-needed boost!

  • Know when to ask for help

If school has got you down, it’s okay to ask for help! Whether you need tutoring, our school counseling services, or just want to chat with someone about your feelings, know that it’s okay to take a step back and get some support. You can’t do it all on your own.

  • Take a break from social media.

It’s so easy to get caught up in seeing what everyone else is doing. When you have 100 tabs open of friends hanging out with their families, studying at the library, and going to cool concerts, it can be tough to stay motivated when schoolwork comes calling. Stop yourself from checking Facebook and Twitter every few minutes.

  • It’s okay to say no sometimes!

Don’t try and do everything all the time. You don’t always have to agree with your friends when they invite you out for a movie night or suggest that you skip school together. Be honest about how much work you need to get done, and they’ll respect you for it!


When it feels like there are a million things on your to-do list, which one is most important? Find out what needs to get done first! There’s nothing worse than being so overwhelmed with school work that you don’t even know where to start. Remember, not stressing is always crucial! Tackle the most critical tasks first, and you’ll feel good about your progress.

To prioritize school work, you can list all the tasks that need to be done. Start with the most critical task at the top. Then, break down your day into time slots. For example, you might have 4 hours for studying for exams, then 2 hours to work on homework, then 1 hour for eating dinner or hanging out with friends. You can also prioritize by times of the day. Suppose you have an exam on Friday morning, on Wednesday evening, before bedtime, and on Saturday morning. In that case, you should work first on the exam questions on Friday morning – this way, they are fresh in your mind on Saturday morning when you study more intensely.

Set small, realistic goals

When you have a lot of work to complete, it can be easy to feel disheartened when you don’t have it all done at once. You want your classes to stand out on their merit, so try breaking up your significant assignment into smaller pieces that are easier to manage. For example, if you have a 10-page paper due on history, chunk it down into three manageable tasks:

  • Research one section of your topic.
  • Write an outline, and finally;
  • Compose the essay.

Chunking considerable work down to small projects makes it much more manageable!

Plan ahead

When you have an upcoming assignment or test, get cracking on it early. Your grades will thank you for it! You’ll have more time to do additional research, ask questions, and avoid the last-minute scramble at the end of the week/term.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

It can be tempting to wait until the last possible minute to get your work done, but that strategy usually doesn’t pay off. It’s essential to plan and prioritize so that you’re not left scrambling with a ton of work at the eleventh hour. If you need help getting started or staying focused, talk to your school counselor.

Reward yourself!

When you’ve finished a big project, don’t forget that you deserve a pat on the back. You deserve it! Treat yourself to something special or spend some time doing something you love that will keep your spirits high throughout the year.

Remember, everyone has stress in their lives, but if you take care of yourself and celebrate your accomplishments, the school will be a breeze!

Stress Under Control

Stress is a natural part of life. It’s how we react to stress that can make all the difference in our lives, and it’s essential to find the right balance between feeling like you’re doing too much and not enough, giving yourself time for relaxation, and knowing when to ask for help. The tips here will provide you with some great ways to combat your school-related anxiety while still balancing everything else going on in your life!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by school, school-related anxiety, or anything else going on in your life, please seek additional help from a school counselor. They can help you find solutions to reduce your stress and better handle situations that may be impacting you. School counselors are there to support students who might otherwise feel hopeless. They want to make sure you stay healthy physically and mentally, even when things get tough.

You can also talk to a teacher you trust, a parent you look up to, or a trusted friend. It doesn’t matter who is there for you as long as they make you feel like you’re not alone and that whatever challenges you’re facing can be overcome!

Remember, school can be stressful, but sometimes it’s about working smarter, not harder. Prioritizing, planning, and rewarding yourself for your accomplishments are small, simple things that can make a significant, positive difference in your life!

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