National Crème De Menthe Day

If you think that St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day are the only holidays that make you go green, you are in for a treat. National Crème de Menthe Day celebrates our cosmopolitan nature, and encourages us to responsibly consume some delicious beverages. Just as its name suggests, Crème de Menthe is a white or bright green alcohol that contains plenty of mint. It may also be used to add flavor to several cocktail dishes and desserts. Indeed, the versatility of this drink is one of its best attributes, making it deserving of its own special holiday.

Behind every product or substance, there is a story. Of course, Crème de Menthe is no exception to that rule. Its discoverer was Emile Giffard, who was researching the medicinal properties of mint, hoping that it would aid digestion and soothe an upset stomach. She brewed a clear, white liqueur that had a dominant mint flavor. The drink was later sold to patrons of the Angers Grand Hotel, experiencing a swift rise in popularity among those who sought to appreciate the finer things in life. Since that faithful day in 1885, society’s affinity for minty alcoholic beverages has seen no decline, and crème de menthe has become a cultural staple.

In addition, it seems that Emile Giffard’s assumptions were somewhat correct, given that mint is very easy to digest. This makes Crème de Menthe a perfect after-meal delight. This drink is fat-free, yet it contains proteins and sugars. Over the years, the cultural impact of mint cream has come to rival that of other famous beverages such as wine or champagne. It is featured in countless movies and series, such as Goodfellas, 28 Days Later and Black Books. Works of literature such as Cat’s Cradle and Hercule Poirot mention the beverage as well. Most people prefer minty cocktails, because they do not like the strong flavor of other hard drinks.

As summer’s heat starts to diminish, Creme de Menthe Day reminds us that there are still fun moments to be had in autumn’s early days. Indeed, September 15th is a national holiday that demands to be celebrated by those who want to unwind, and enjoy a recent, yet pleasurable tradition. There are no set rituals, given that you only need to enjoy a Crème de Menthe drink or product. Considering that this beverage is available everywhere, this will not be a challenging endeavor.

Crème de Menthe is added to a staggering variety of drinks in order to balance or nullify the bitterness of other spirits. The success of the Peppermint Patty or Grasshopper Cocktails can be attributed to those who prefer a friendly, sweet, and pleasant taste.

Usually, a glass in the shape of a tube is used to serve it. Crème de Menthe is an excellent addition to ice cream, especially with pecan or nut toppings. It can also be combined with champagne, fruit salads, brownies, and cheese cakes. The applications are virtually limitless, as long as you have an inclination for the specific taste of mint.

September 15th is a partygoer’s Christmas. It is a break in the monotony of an otherwise boring season, proving that you only need some good company and a little Crème de Menthe in order to enjoy yourself.

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