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To say that there are a lot of phone options to choose from is a definite understatement. New mobile phones have become an annual and in some cases even a semi-annual release. With that, the options, hardware, and capabilities can be overwhelming. One such capability that has drawn many in the past few years is that of included styluses (or styli if you prefer that plural).
It may seem like an extra hassle to deal with a stylus on a phone but it can actually be quite handy. If you prefer more accurate typing or selection on your phone screen styluses can be really handy. Especially if you’re all thumbs. Added benefits can also be less wear on your screen and less smudging, keeping the display sharper for longer. Maybe you just want a stylus phone for (forgive me for this pun) stylistic reasons, or just preferred the feel of the older PDA’s interface. While most phones are compatible with styluses, those with a stylus included are usually more accurate and better suited for that interface. With the mobile phone market growing daily, you better believe there are modern option out there for you when it comes with stylus phones. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Instead of a typical list, I’ll just start off by saying the leading provider of phones with styluses is Samsung by far. So with that knowledge in mind, the first thing we will look at are some of the options they offer. If you’ve been looking for stylus phones for pretty much any period of time then you’re probably familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note series. There’s definitely a reason for that. On top of Samsung being a heavyweight of phone companies, the Galaxy series has been some of the best selling options on the market for a long time now. Often times they’re marketed as strong contenders against Apple’s iPhone line. The Note series is no different. With sharp displays, great processing power, and overall ease of use, these phones are great all around.
Currently the most recent release in the Galaxy Note series is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It is the newest flagship model in Samsung’s long repertoire, having just come out in August. I’ve had friends in the past who’ve chosen some of the older models in the Galaxy Note series and I have to say from personal experience that the displays they offer are sharp. From seeing them in use, and trying them out myself, the tablet is a boon and often times you forget you’re even using it. The most common complain I hear in relation to these phones is the size. They’re a bit bigger than the average phone. Often being referred to as phablets (phone+tablet). But, that’s more the common place in stylus using phones. Not to mention that phones in general are just getting larger as the years go by. Those I’ve spoken too really don’t notice it after a day or two and if anything love the easier to read display and extra screen size for videos. Not to mention the larger screen and stylus combo are amazing when it comes to drawing, writing, or gaming on mobile devices.
Also to consider are the Note 20 Ultra. Which is even larger, has a sharper display, runs a little stronger, and has an improved camera. It looks pretty sweet too I must say. If the new Samsung model isn’t to your liking, they have plenty of older versions as well, and I don’t say older as a bad thing. A reduced price is a good selling point, and even the previous years’ versions have processing power an displays that are still worth your time. The Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Note 10 Lite, or any of the earlier models you may find on the market are still valid options.
Let me quickly note (another unfortunate pun), Samsung isn’t your only option. They aren’t even your only mainstream option. Also to consider are the LG Stylo series, of which the LG Stylo 6 is the most current. LG hasn’t been in the phablet game as long as Samsung but they’re putting out stylus phones that are still well worth their price, which might I say is usually quite a bit cheaper than that of Samsung. Another notable (I’m sorry) option is Huawei’s Mate series.
The Huawei mate 40 is their newest stylus phone, and while not as much of a well known name they still put out some decent phones that are worth looking into.

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