How Much Candy is Sold On Halloween?

Every Halloween, millions of Americans go trick-or-treating. This tradition dates back hundreds of years, but surprisingly little is known about how much candy people actually consume on that night. We do know that the average American consumes close to thirty pounds of candy each year, but this data does not distinguish between different types of candy or reveal the proportion consumed during halloween trick-or-treating.

Americans will spend an estimated $3 billion dollars on candy for halloween in 2021. The top 10 candy purchases for halloween make up more than 33% of all sales. Candy corn is the clear leader, followed by chocolate bars and candy pumpkins. Candy apples are also very popular, while gummies tie with boxed candy for fourth place on the list of best-selling candies at nearly 5%. Candy corn continues to lead in US sales throughout autumn, but it loses its dominant position to chocolate during Christmas.

Popular candy such as Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Corn and Starburst are expected to be in high demand.”

One website suggests that Americans consume around 20 pounds of candy each year , while another claims it to be 25 pounds . Still, others have claimed it to be 30 pounds . The estimates vary but all show America’s love affair with candy .


Top candy Sold By State


Source : candystore.com

How Much Candy is Sold On Halloween?
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